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"Kasestam" McGuire is upset to succeed in a new version of the welter.


ONE Championship, the world's largest martial art in Asian history. The latest blast at Ishtira Stadium in Jakarta. Indonesian ONE named: WARRIER & S DREAM Saturday Night, November 17.

At the end of the war: the war veteran Sebastian Kadi realized his dream. After lifting the World Championship, martial arts have also been combined. American winner Taylor McGuire is pleased to announce the opening wardband of the day.

This pair has completed five times. Competition Review The Kastostium is stagnant. Mague is in trouble. It is a very high kick and right punch. Maguri also tried to move from the platform. Find the right moment to attack your right to end your account. But the winds will be eliminated.

The race has ended. It's not half an hour ago. Kandstam Maguire got the right punch in front. Before falling down the Oliver Cost Committee stopped the stage immediately after sleeping on the plane. As a result, the company was defeated. This is the new edition of the Welshware.

A pair of breeds is a Super Series Catch World Case Boxing World Championship Kickboxing. Announcement in the open part of the group. Cosmo Alexander of Brazil, who won a knockout The Dutchman forward, Pettefiire, and Fit Atik. The Dutch have the opportunity to pay the first half of the Dutch match. In the second round, Holzgron is in charge of the game. At Alexander, the pada bush. Before the suspension of sleep until the director is to stand.

Priya was the cyclist of Lucky. After all, she was able to overcome all sides by promoting the fans in the field. Even the third lift. Saban was given the opportunity to conquer Gaul. But the Philippines girls were not successful. The fact that Gaul used his power was a unique achievement.

Japanese father father Hayatou Suzuki exploded in northern Ping Siri Thai Mimon Demon in Thailand as the strawberry version. From the start of the tournament, Suzuki organizes a rally for young rivals. After that, the body was eventually handed over to the rear naked chock. Pong Siri was subdued. This is a success for the successive third Suzuki.

A Super Series FIFA World Cup champion Phuket Flairz became a Thai army leader who won the victory of a single leader. Three lifts. The third stage of the Rajdhaman championship is out of arms. This is the situation that succeeds.

Coordinator Coach Waugh Anthony Englen, Dutch athlete. Show your awesome form bypassing Jimmy Yabo from the Indonesian people in Philippines. From early onwards If so, I'm not sure. For this purpose, Nigel attacked with a determination. After the roof of the pillow fell into the ground, from the back to the naked scrub, to the panoy in the hold.

I'll take a record in my career as COTILLS ELITETO. In the second round, Pakistan defeated Mohammad Imran of the first and is outside Syrillas. Secondly, Cyrillic displays your skills in aisles. Really naked chock for fans to win ahead.

Episode Strawberry AK Rocson, Local athletics. Show your favorite form by getting the knockout Eddie Kalyan from Malaysia. In the middle of the chiyhlies from fellow humans. Start the match. Firstly, Kalyan Rosson was surprised to snatch the floor. But I can not stop my account. The correct punch on the Yukicalo Shimodo's focal point on the Rosen board looks like the backside is not good. Soon the strike ended.

B flat South Korea's Daejeon Kim and Chu Chu Kang combine both the unified two skills from China. For both of them is good times. Even if you have the height and the useful range. But with Kim's clarity, it's rare. A bicycle atleast Dan Ginseng is stronger and more vibrant than cuisine. Before the final, three judges voted unanimously for Kim.

Japan's first flywheel was won by a subsidiary of Eugen Tuva from the early Philippines. Kick Left, Release Fist. Finally, he will add to the floor and use his skills as rear naked Chuck to try to surrender to Fierce rivals.

In the Stroneworth edition. I'm not really mad at mate cheeses. He beat fellow passenger Aziz Kali. Kalim's guillotine should be tapped to unnecessarily subdue himself, using the method of snatching him.

A Super Series FIFA World Cup black jacket has been promoted by French rocky Knight Johan Faretex. When both of them came out, the arms were combined, from the hoardings. Place the second lift. The pinas are being beaten. Prior to turning into partition. Go to the top of the page

Kej Arena won the bronze medal in the Brazilian U-Tour World Champion of Brazil in the U-Tour World Champion of China XI. Drink the athletes in the canvas. Guillotine's unconsciousness is pulling back with the arms of mind. The first minute of the match.

Open List Stroller Women Model Venezuela or two meetings with Wool Both meet footballers with three giants with heavy gambling at the league. The last wool was three in three stages. Getting the vote is unanimous.

Result 1: The dream of a warning
In the fourth round, Sebastian Cadie defeated the knockout Tyler McGuire.
(78 kg) boxing: Nicki won in the second round and the Knox Alexander Alexander won the Hollsense Cosmo in 2.59 minutes.
– Angle Version: After the run of the race, Angiele Sabal's unilateral poll was taken by Precilla Hurricane Lumbini.
Strawberry: 2.09 minutes The rear naked chuck is the rear side of the hovot Suzuki pinggry mitrattana.
– A Super Series Flyweight Thai Boxing: Tesla Fujitsu Top Team A Unbiased Results Results
Kachovic (72kg): Anthony NKLEENER Rear Nude Chuk (Jimmy Yazoo) in the first minute of 2.35 minutes.
In the second round, Mohammad Imran, Cyrilic Reject naked, was eliminated.
Strawberry edition: Ed Rosson beat Eddie Kalyan in the first edition of 3.15 minutes.
After the third year, Bantam Vatt: The Dave Haven Kim won the only election.
Tatmai Matsuoo grabbed the rear naked chocolate by Eugene Tortugure for 0.52 minutes.
Strawberry edition: Adrian Kaleem, Goltto Chok and Alice Kalim won the second lift at 0.57 minutes.
In the second round, Johan Farextes crashed out of the penalty round Thursday.
– Featherweight: Bruno Pucci won the guillotine choke for 0.56 minutes with the first lift.
– Womens' edition: Dave Arnold Wooly gets a thumping vote after the third rank.

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