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Kenneth Kennedy – quite different! Croatia won 2 for Croatia. League of Nations League

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Jail Lynch and Harry Karia beat Croatia 2-1. England defeated Spain by seven points to lose the Lion. In Croatia, 4th of November, there were 4 points in League B of the UEFA Champions League with 4 points.

Football Uefa League
(League One Group 4)
Sunday, November 18, 2018
England 2-1 Croatia

Pitch : Wembley

Garat Southgate trainer England game sends an important break. Most can not be played by Kyle Walker, Eric Dyer, and Hemay County curling Harry Cane.

Slovakian national team of Slovakia. In this game, big players like Ivan Saari can not play. Instead of giving Nicholas Walsh the opportunity to play. Other important people are still perfectly complete.

In the event of this match, who will be defeated by Spain in the final battle?

In the first half of the 10th, England managed to get through the box of Hafine Cain Rehman Sterling's faction before the expulsion of Safina before the expulsion of the penalty area.

The corner kick was then turned to the cans to hit Johnston. But the delivery that is bowled behind the leg behind the balls.

The opportunity to climb out of the lions to catch the ball is 16. I do not know what to do.

England have unilaterally opened the game. Again, at 40, Ross Barkley had a net in the penalty area, but the angle window became very small.

The rest of the two teams did nothing. The first half is 0-0

In the second half, the England team had to wait 7 minutes before it was shot in the penalty area of ​​the rahim sterling but it was not difficult for calinis.

In the first half, the Croatian left. Not safe

In front of Croatia's Harriet Keeper, England's 78 goals in the penalty area of ​​Croatia are aimed at a jeus-liner card against rival rivals against England. 1

England bowled out the lead-free kick to the 86-run mark. The goal was to hit Harry Cain's ball in the end of the ball.

England defeated Croatia 2-1 to complete that match. They got 7 points through Lian Rore. Spain won the finals of Group 4 in the final. There are 4 points to play in the B-League in the UEFA Champions League.

List of players for both teams.

English (4-3-3) – Fabian Delft (Jesse Malin Card hours 73) – United Ranch Ford (George Don Schnoong Hour, 73) – Jordan Picarder – Joe Gomez, John Stones, Ben Chilwell – Eric Dyer, Ross Barclay, , Harry Kane, Hohhot .. Henry

Croatian (4-2-3-1) : LOVE CALINICH – Antonio Clijsters (Antonio Milicano 26), Diana Lawrence, Domoy Vida, Tin Y – Luka Mo Dr. Rich, Marcelo Bravoich – Nicola Wallace (Marko Locky v. 79), Andre Kraowic, Ivan Perik – Anton Re (Josip Gollagor 46)

Referee File: Anastasia Saipopolos (Greece)

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