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Listen to Over 600 patients & # 39; Corrient & # 39;

The Disease Control Department warns the patients affected by the disease. "Mosque Few" in places where rain and floods are. This year, more than 600 cafés,3 Keep the Disease 3 "

Dr. Azadang Rishi According to the Deputy Director General, News and Disease Department, the heavy rains are still in the southern region during this period. Flood vessels on the streets may be a breeding site for mushrooms. Help people to get sick. "Mold fever "

Dr. Azadang Rishi

From January 1 to November 10, 642 people from 638 patients in the southern states were found to have found 642 patients. The highest number of patients were nurses 218, 213. Songkhla la 157, Tracta 21, Fukt 11

Chikungunya Disease or Chikunguniya Disease The Chikungunia virus is known as a "mosquito cut" and "mothic byte" carrier. Located in all age categories. Symptoms like dengue However, the difference is that the plasma does not drain outside the veins. The patients with serious symptoms were not shocked.

Image from the Department of Disease Control

Signs include fever, inflammation, inflammation of the throat, inflammation of the wrist, joints and hands. The symptoms typically disappear within 1 to 12 weeks and some patients may experience pain in the next 2-3 weeks. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention.

Department of Disease Control to the public "3 Keep the Disease 3 " Enjoyed it

1. Keep the house clean. At the dense angle of the mosque of the mushrooms.

Keep the fat and container waste at the Mosaic Breeding Ground

Close water conservation of all mosquito bottles.

Both these can be prevented. At the same time, three diseases: 1. Dengue fever. Viral Disease Virus 3. Mosquito fiery fever.

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