Tuesday , January 26 2021

Little woman! People's life quality should be good. Do not rely on cards. The poor are truly glad.

Female cards

Little woman! People's life quality should be good. Do not rely on cards. The poor are truly glad.

Poor card Apply for MPs in January No 6, Sai Yai Mandir, Sai Nayyya District, Nonthaburi Province, Khuning Sudetta Quraifhan, Chairman of Fuya Thai Party Elections Strategy, Udayod Desh Ratnasian, Ex-MP, Ninthburi with Noburi, Fuya Thai Party, where applicant for Area 1 Shri Neem Prasangchankan, District 2 Candidate, Shri Natat Shreeanan, Mr. Manasak Chen Prasang, who is the applicant field 3

Shri Montré Tangchoranthan, 4 Van Chan, candidate of District District of Charnon Nothassist District and candidate of District 6 Shri Panatat Srinatham came to respect the image of Buddha. Worship of Sai Yoi Above of Sai Noi District, worshiping Luang for Thong and Frachu Visuothon

Even before the prayer with the steering wheel Buddha image Fra U-Chapel and fix 9 times for the passage

To support and give flowers to more than 300 people, Khunying Sudara said that it is late today. Because in the morning when Nakhon Si Thammarat province went to the south to experience the disaster and encourage people to come back at 15.00, stop at Bang Yai district and continue to travel to Sai Noi district to meet farmers' groups. Sai Noi District

Khuning Sudarte said that after the rebellion many years of political space will be coming in accordance with the roadmap; various administrative functions, because millions of poor people of the previous government want to make their card poor and still grow, more farmers' debt and any other Thai people want to become poor. Any Thai people want to use the poor card for life.

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Take medication to make 300-500 bahts every time after injuries to us and then, but our Fuya Thai Party will not give this way. We do not want to use the poor card. We look for good agricultural products. Let the farmers make better earnings, take good food that will give true happiness.

This election is different from the past and we started the strange 0, but he started 250. Sen is already in the bag. So Thailand wants more than 250 votes from the people of the government.

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