Saturday , January 16 2021

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Dr. Soma's Anacope Director-General of the Medical Department announced that the pace of access to the thriving community of Thai society is faster than western countries. And currently, the 17.9% age group in Thailand is the second largest in Asia after Singapore. And there has been a steady increase, which will be up to 20% of the total population.

In the year 2021, which is considered as an old age society, the cause of economic and social development as well as medical and public health progress, resulting in low birth rate and continuous decline mortality, the childhood population of the Thai community has decreased, while the aging population is increasing. It is important to encourage longevity of life and good quality elderly to be healthy and self-sufficient. It is important for the elderly to promote physical activities like exercise.

WhileDr. Sacco Bunag Civil servants in place of the Director of the Institute of Epidemiology of Raja Bhumibol Adyadudej, Department of Medical Affairs, Department of Aged Department said that elderly should increase physical activity in daily life. And reduce behaviors such as sitting, lying, watching TV, or playing social media for a long time.

In the form of physical activity, older people can practice as follows: 1. Daily activities done by you at home or leisure, such as housework, cleaning, leaking, leaving leaves, clearing leaves. Walking, Cycling to Work 3. Relaxation or Show Activities To relax physically strain, promote mental and mental health, such as singing, dancing, painting, photography, tree implants. 4. Easy exercises like dance, dance, tai chi, wooden dance

Older or congenital diseases which can be damaged by exercise such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, lung disease, osteoarthritis. Care should be taken for advice or to a doctor or physiotherapist. Exercise should start, warm up to keep body body ready and convenient. Exercise should not be too heavy.

Exercise is very important that dizziness is very heavy, such as dizziness, palpitations, angina, angina. And should be warmed before exercising. Regular exercise will be beneficial for many systems like heart, blood vessels, balance exercises, increase muscle rigidity, reduce the risk of falls. Reduction of bone loss, strengthening bones, reducing fracture opportunities. Stimulate the intestinal function, reduce flatulence, constipation and reduce depression, also refresh

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