Friday , March 31 2023

Malala Jumunsura sent a song to Apharath Pacharappa's funeral.


The 61-year-old 61-year-old Veronus Suksan mosque, 61, was killed in a helicopter crash in Sal-Saïmendong-Shao Van Wahabun, Watt Khao Yai, Kholong Lung District and Pathan Tani province. The incident took place at Power Power in England. I am sorry to hear it on the fourth day of the night.

The channel, which has UASANAT VATTAN and SUPCHAYAI SREEVICH, participated in the audience. Today, General Monri Sanggub, former deputy director and wife. There are people who are familiar with the family, and a Maruti sender has been sent to showcase the film star Aatti Pachara Chayapap, Saer Taparon and Cartoon Nandhija. The family is sorry

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