Saturday , January 16 2021

Maybe. "TAT – Treasury" does not donate 30 million.

I do not know why.

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Deputy Head of the People Power Party, Natholpaul Tippsuwan, donated 30,000 Baht donations to the Chinese Communist Party. Make all donations

On December 21, the deputy head of PPP Mr. Nattpole Tapesuwan discusses the finance ministry or the case. And Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), a state agency donated money to buy a total of 30 million Baht, which they have checked. Confirmed that no agency has been identified according to the current news. We have opened this donation party's account for recognition. If any company or person is found guilty of illegal property. Or there is a conflict we immediately made a donation, but we have raised 3-4 times the fund, so check it to be accurate, transparent.

"Maybe we'll have to break the fight. Stop sexual misconduct, check that we do everything with accuracy, no, the finance ministry or state donation agency, we can not get the accused of another party. There is no such fund, then we say that we How do the party get ready to vote? But public power is a big party. We are preparing the elections, deliberately deliberately planning EC rules. We were committed to developing the country, "said Nattpan.

Mr. Nattapon said that the party has no problem declaring the list of donors, but wants time to investigate. It will accelerate as quickly as possible. It takes some time without considering the company. When investigations are done, according to the law, there are no cliques in the advertisement. And do not worry if donation of less than 650 million is reduced.

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