Friday , February 26 2021

"Meteor Rain King" Saturday – Sunday's maximum drop down to 10-15 hours per Sunday.

National Institute of Astrophysics (Ministry of Science and Technology) "Meteor Rain King – King of Meteor Rain" November 17, 61, is due to have a white time on November 18th after midnight. There is no limit on the moon. It is better to be careful. See naked eyes in Thailand. The north-east Lions Star Cluster is seen in the dark.

Mr. Zappat Khieman The head of academic services in astronomy said: "Meter Rain" or "Meteoro Star Loan" is a metamorphosis in November every year. It will be observed from midnight on November 17, 2018 to North East to 2018. The place near the lion's star. In such nights, even the night was over. The moon returns to the horizon at about 01.30, so the best time at 02.00. Leo's meteor shower is the most important topography, with an average drop of 10-15 per hour. Interesting people can see the beauty of nightclub scene at night, because at a speed of 71 km per second.

Supperck added: The metallic stones should be dark, light or distant. Sleep in the sky during the meteor impact of the sleeping watch. For the shooting of the meteor shower. Do not give direction. Predict the camera, open the camera and produce it. It can be prepared and set up within the timeline for interested parties.

# Leonid's focal point is the form of comet dust in the 55P temperat-tube, which is based on the Earth's orbit. The dust of those comets are rising in the earth's atmosphere. It burns a light in the sky like a fireball in the sky. The metamorphosis of the meteorite moves towards the Earth's orbit around the sun. The speed of dust powered into the atmosphere is very fast. Quickly up to 71 miles per second. Ulcer Shower This is the most glorious meteor shower. It's called. "Rainy Year of Rain"

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