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Open the facts !! Breast Enlargement Plastic Surgery Specialist With Silicone Bag Bang Bangmode Hospital, with the possibility of lymph node cancer by Thana Asadamongkol

Bangkok – 13 .Guest – Bangmod Hospital

In the case of the news of "Do not replace breast implant silicone nettle" due to the risk of lymphoma, there was panic among those who underwent surgery. To make a real sense, Thang Asadamongkol, plastic surgery specialist, Bang Bangmode Hospital and Bunt Hospital, Director of Bang Bangmode Hospital, therefore summarizes the facts of this issue. Silicone Bags and Breast Imp Probate ast naplestika large cell lymphoma associated with lymph node or the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Society of Plastic Surgery Fees are as follows Pla (eesapiesa):

1. Associated Breast Implant Disease – An naplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) or lymphoma that is related to breast enlargement with artificial breasts usually occurs around the silicone bag around the lymph nodes near the breast. Usually do not spread to other areas if found early is more likely to be treated The method of treatment is to remove an artificial breast bag. And remove all capsules or membranes No need to cut breast meat.

2. BIA-ALCL is a lymphoma with a very low incidence of approximately 1: 200,000 cases (0.0003%) that is seen in breast growth patients with silicone bags.

About. For the first time, nearly 20 years ago, if the worldwide breast growth rate was 20 years, to date there are more than 10 million pairs. There are 573 people in the world in Thailand with only 1 person who has healed.

Worldwide. Of the 73,733 people with BIA-ALCL disease worldwide, there are 1 48૧ people who have had breast augmentation with a silicone bag. Allergan / Netrael's extremely rough (Mro Crotecture, Biocell) skin, which represents .983..9%, FDA suspends the use of this product. And the company accepts such products for safety

5. There are 4 skin types on the surface of silicone: smooth (smooth), fine sand. (Microtecture), rough sand (mtrotecture) and polyurethane

.1.1 Smooth Skin – There is no possibility of BIA-ALCL disease

.2.1 Fine Sand Surface (Microtecture) – Probability of BIA-ALCL equal to 1: 85,000

5.3 Rough Sand Surfaces – BIA-ALCL Chance 1: 3,200 Equivalent

5.4 Polyurethane – The probability of BIA-ALCL equal to 1: 2,800

6. Symptoms should be observed if there is swelling or breast pain or breast cancer or a full physical examination of the armpit should consult a doctor.

Present. Currently, during the study of the causes of BIA-ALCL, the exact cause is still unknown. But probably. Is related to the following factors

.1.૧ Supplement with high composition

7.2 is Infected. Or prolonged inflammation in the breast area

.3..3 America and Europe are more likely to expand than Asia, so assuming that species, genetics are the leading cause of the disease.

7.4 Average duration 8 years or more

8. As someone who has added silicone, what should I do?

.1.૧ Don't worry or be too careful. Because there are so few incidents

.2.૨ For BIA-ALCL, it can be cured if it is already found soon

8.3 If no abnormal symptoms occur, silicone is not recommended.

The. As recommended by the FDA, who have done breast augmentation with a silicone bag, they should check MRI after years of breast augmentation. Then, follow up with MRI every 2 years.

10. Generally, when breast cancer tests are usually performed using ultrasound and memory, it is important to examine the disease. BIA-ALCL should be examined with MRI It is better to look at the capsules and lymph nodes better.

11. What should you ask about the hospital or clinic you have added to the chest?

11.1 Ask the hospital where you have added a chest. "What kind of silicone is added"

  • If the skin is smooth, comfortable, not a disease, then BIA-ALCL
  • If it is a fine surface of sand, don't worry because the incidence is very low.
  • If it is a rough sand surface or a version that the FDA has come back with …. no silicone bag removal is needed if there are no features. But recommends continuous surveillance like introspection and visits the annual doctor cutter, MRI examination, mammography and ultra sound every 2 years.

12. Practice for Doctors

12.1 recommends that the doctor reinstall reinstatement if left in stock, in accordance with the cutter silicone, sand skin, rough, FDA / FDA model, recommend return to the company

12.2 Doctors should advise patients who have already had breast augmentation for 3 years and should undergo MRI examination and after that, should be continuously tested every 2 years.

12.3 It is recommended for doctors to remove lymphatic patients with suspected symptoms, such as swelling. And the surrounding capsules are completely monitored whether the disease is BIA-ALCL or not detected, silicone removal is not necessary. If found, it is important to check if the infection has spread to other areas and then remove the breast bag. Remove all capsules that cover the silicone.

13. In summary, those who are currently adding breasts with silicone bags are much less likely to have lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), so it is advisable to monitor those symptoms. Routine screening If there are no symptoms, it is not recommended for the medical to remove the silicone bag. Symptoms that should be observed are the doctor's advice if breast lumps / armpits, breast swelling or pains should be taken.

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