Saturday , October 1 2022

Panic! & # 39; Invisible & # 39; Robot clears the photo of Mars, the first image on Earth


NASA's robotic launch site on Mars send clear view on planet earth. And now charging power to do the mission …

Fox News reported on November 27, 2018 that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), or NASA's Insight Robot, successfully landed. According to the time of Mars, US on Monday. Deliver Mars's World's First High-Definition Landscape

"The view is very beautiful here, I am eager to find my new home." Twitter @NasaSite "tweets tweets in the US on Monday night, after hours of the robot's landing, just like NASA said, the site opened its solar panel. To charge for the mission

The first image posted on the site after landing is not clear.

Mars landing site was completed after about six months of traveling from Earth to a distance of 458 million miles to discover the internal components of this red planet. This survey will become the first planet outside the world.

The solar panels will be like this.

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