Saturday , October 1 2022

Park Prachatoon: Rubber Survival


The government is currently experiencing difficulty with Thailand. The cost of agricultural products is below. There are few agricultural products that have long and persistent problems. Rubber This topic has been discussed and resolved. But still can not see a clear solution. Now many people have commented on this issue. Does the government prefer to listen to the surrounding environment?

For Mr. Uthai teaches securities. The Rubber Council of Thailand and the Rubber Farmer Institute of Thailand (TOT) have suggested that 20,000 million baht should be used to compensate farmers or to compensate for rubber prices. Buy fresh rubber latex with farmers and latex production process, and then take the route on the road to buy a village for every kilometer in the village. There are more than 84,000 villages in the country, 1 km of roads will use 3 tons of latex, if any. To move the entire village, the country will need about 240,000 tonnes of latex or 20-30% rubber. If the government tries to change this way. It can help reduce the amount of rubber. As well, resulting in better tire prices and suggestions as well. "Big Tit", General Praet Chan Prime Minister Abhishech uses 44

The latest developments on rubber resolution and agricultural fixing measures approved the plan for urgent help and solutions to the rubber problem after the recession cabinet. Mr. Cristad Bonnat Agricultural and Co-operative Societies I ordered to coordinate the relevant agencies. District and village include mixed road projects, cement clay, local government institutions to support rubber. The approval for the budget for the first road cement cement mixed with rubber with integration with the Agriculture and Co-operative Societies (KAZATTURT University) Nong Bu Lam Phu Provincial Administration Organization (PPO) and PPOA. This is a demonstration route by policy to encourage rubber use in government agencies by Ng Bo Louf Fu. Buy latex from hayudu farmers, and buy a latex from a rubber cooperative non-toxic rubber company, at 4 am on the rubber road at Ban Hin Naga, with the cost of 1,200 kilograms. Nong Bu Lam Fu District

I have to follow it. The measures taken by the government to resolve the rubber situation in Caracas If this is the case, the popularity of this election is guaranteed.

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