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Professional Qualification Institute Create a Professional World for Thai Farmers: Com Chad Luke .Online


Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board (NTC) has organized 4 organizations to create a business world for Thai business farmers according to changing technology.

17 Aug Gust 62- "In collaboration with the Academic Council Secretariat, Human Resource Development Institute, Automation and Robotics Technologies", the Institute for Professional Qualification (NHSO) Skill Development Division and the Bureau of Professional and Professional Standards develop a professional qualification for expanding manpower development in the dairy sector. And agriculture will be a smart farmer by developing short-term vocational courses, with more than 50 people present with representatives of Agriculture Led Agriculture and Agriculture and Technology across the country according to professional standards developed by the NIA to meet labor market needs.

Explain during the discussion on the topic of skillful structured subject, Deputy Director of the Institute of Vocational Qualifications "Becoming a professional to set the guidelines for qualification, professional standards and preparation of short-term vocational courses in Rice and Dairy business groups, both in agriculture. Milk and milk processing is an important factor Because it is a career that is in need of the current labor market, which the NIA has set a career standard for in agriculture and the milk process already, but if the course develops to promote professionalism and become a smart farmer. In support of Thailand's national strategy

Aung-Aib, Assistant Secretary-General of the Council of Education, see that the national qualification structure is the key to connecting the education and the professional world, providing manpower production to meet the needs of the labor market, especially agricultural skills and skills to meet the professional standards in accordance with changing technology of milk processing. Developing capabilities is essential

When Dr. While Sarot sought a consultant for the standards of vocational education, industrial intermediate technology (EE) agreed that curriculum development should be developed in both vocational certification courses, which included. Short-term vocational courses will help increase the potential of more people by adhering to the NICO's professional standards and labor standards of the skill development department.

The trend will be to develop short-term vocational courses that will be developed this year in the career management of rice farm management, rice processing industry management, dairy farm management, and raw milk processing centers, which are expected to be completed by December 2019 before increasing teaching and learning skills. To create professional standards for the market


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