Thursday , January 21 2021

Samsung releases advance AI and IOT technology in CES 2019

Samsung on Tuesday, with live broadcasts of Las Vegas, with live broadcasts on January 8, 05.00, the most advanced AI in CES 2019. And I'm preparing to publish IOT technology.

Samsung, announcing the unveiling of the latest innovations in the global technical leader CES 2019, this exhibition features the world's largest technology and electronics products. This year, Samsung has combined the artificial intelligence (AI) and IOT (innovation) that will help make everyday life easier and easier for users. New programs increase functionality for AI, work better than before. Moderator connected with latest equipment meets the age of Ai and IOT and fits perfectly with people of this age

Through the Samsung's press conference around the media Will be started on Tuesday 8 January 05.00 pm (Monday, January 7, local time at 2:00 pm), Mandalay with two South Convention Center Las Vegas, USA's live broadcasters. Follow live broadcasts. In 2019, Samsung is ready to update to the latest technology information

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