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Shenzhen Nanning 4-1 Futsal Pier, Asian Club – Innerness

Fighting Asian Football Football Futsal Championship 2019 "AFC Futsal Club Championship 2019" at Bangkok Arena Nong Chok on August 9, 2019, in the final game at 19.30 hours. "Tai Lake Sing, Khlong Toi", ASM Port, who met with Shenzhen Nanning Tia Lang of China. Star FS from South Korea was the first match to win Seoul. -0 There are three points, while Shenzhen Nanning defeated FC Kyrgyzstan by -1-1 points, this game, whatever team wins, is almost 100 percent final. The Port Authority caught the first 5 people. There is no Lerthai Isara Sweepcorn. With the muscles twisting, the Thanchai Chumbu must be played instead and the "Chao May" Muhammad Umman Musa has to be placed in front of the target. Giro Rodrigo and Hassan Sadh are the main players in the first 2 minutes of the Marcos Football League game. Try to throw the ball the same minute. Sergio Shin, from Shenzhen Brazil, when the party cut in between, fired a shot in the side of the pole to move to No. 3, when Thanqun Wichiankun received a left-footed ball during the game of Port FC fans when Mohammed Umman opened his right hand for Musa and then pressed the ball with the right foot. 0 wins. 6 Shenzhen Nanning kicked Hasan on the left corner. Vergio's short kick for the shoot from the left, not straight from the dragon. Also focused on launching extremely aggressive sports whereby the port was then used to set zone control within the region.

PM10, the small table, was about to come in for a long score, Singhal Khlong was able to enter the second goal successfully. Mr. Lang Fairot repeatedly managed to leave the remnants of the harbor to move 2-0.

When Shenzhen's 14th error made it to the port's third goal, Muhammad Umman Musa cut the ball to the left side Tanan Chombun before moving the ball through the middle of the field. Will roll back "Chao Mad" to get an easy score of 3-0
PM15, Shenzhen Hassan may win from Zadah, shooting from the right, but the same minute from the Sun Sun Pier, next to the safe Kinisorn Papun, get a beat up to the end of the handsome Mr. Lang Faireot.
The next minute, Chaivat Jamkrasang filled the left. Shot from the edge of the ball, bumping into two poles.
Neither 17 uses the game power play to wade through the Shenzhen Nanling port. But could not find the hole and just 10 seconds before the end of the first half, Shenzhen came on to lose the ball, Pornmongkolsari, managed to reach the end of the goal at the port 4-0 before the light.
Back in the second half, Shenzhen Nan Ling came down and immediately used the game Power Play to fight. The first minute was almost a shot to hit the broken egg
25 Vacha Lamsary went to cut the ball and paid Muhammad Umman Musa to fire safely at the door to block the block.
28. Shenzhen's Brazilian footballer, Sergio jumped into the frame and Cornyn sank in a shot to save Pupun's position.
At 32, Muhammad Umman Musa tried to dodge the plugged Huang vine. But another kind of protest from Japanese referees, Japanese Kobayashi and Muhammad fans broke out before handing a yellow card to "Chao Mat".
PM 36, Shenzhen got the door to beat the egg from Hassan Zedah, who pulled the ball from the center before swiping it outside the circle

At that time, the rest of China's teams were still focused on the power play while Thailand's top teams waited for a chance to return but in the end, there was no team to score. The game ended 4-1, with 6 points as a group in 2 games, and in the second round of the finals. Turku The first round of the first round at 7.30pm on August 11

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