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The sick & # 39; Jack laughing invitation for tuberculosis & # 39; Thin that he was a helper

For a long time comedian Jacques invented the smile or Thanat Fupin, who was sick of pulmonary tuberculosis, made it clear and delicate, and loving – apesara blood was also sick of kidney disease, both of them have updated various issues. By show talk show

& # 39; Chaiya & # 39; Instead of taking care of the faculty, click the & # 39; friend mitch & # 39; Standing on

The true "lilk" blood line for A-Chaiyachai China's brother Friend Mitrai Chai, now known as siblings. Completely exhausted after the past, the last group of the Mitchai family's Lacha was divided into two versions, through which it is opposite the heroine, the beautiful daughter of Friend Chai, who is friendly, like Pong-Portsfanchanamichai, says that she does not always think that she was old Will be there. Because it has become modern, but also beautiful before that

Golden Globe 2019 & # 39; Bohemian Rhapsody & # 39; Wonder surprise

On Sunday, it was announced that the Golden Globe Award of 2019 Biographical film Freddie Mercury of the Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody" was a surprise, in which won a great prize for Best Play Movie and Best Male Actor. Raise tax on the Oscars stage on 24th February.

๊ะ Tere R. Sayam 'tired of closed cases to report

In the Wikipedia, a black hand was found for editing that internal, thief R Siam or Nong Fanni, Interior, graduated with grade 6 only, went to study as a singer, sold the Shell on the road in Ladapro. So far, Jack Thanpaul has left
This work is R. Siam did, but had to give a terrible response. But all the allegations were reported to the past when someone informed the person who has edited the information to report the wrong action, but never followed the parties

The & # 39; New Fable & # 39; The L & # 39; Uncle Ad & # 39; who has a & # 39; nose rook & # 39; Winning 2 big prizes from

Another entertaining person who is shocked and depressed by the loss of important entertainment staff in the Thai entertainment industry, such as Uncle Ed or Clin Piemfonseca. Going forward for the new one – Fountain Fanangkiri, the director who dared to break the rules, presented the material on the dark side of Buddhism and people, became known as fireworks in the film Naga Prospectus from the coherent comedy movie camp and from the back of the play "Buffonoviat" on Channel 3.

With the actor & # 39; Captain Futhnet & # 39; – The director posted

Senior actor – Director – Voice Actor and National Artists Performing Art Section (Television-Movie) for the departure of Clean Pymphoncern, again after the treatment of heart failure, from December 21, 2018, after being treated at Waikira Hospital, 88-year-old Siri, Who has worked with eh clean, post, mourning and remembered that quality is the quality What artists have taught a lot of instructions

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