Monday , June 5 2023

The excitement! The yacht was burned in the fire in the sea. Foreigners were narrowly fled


The two yachts are injured by fire. On the seashore of Phuket, across the Lucky Bay, 9 foreigners are safe.

On November 3, at 5 pm, Mr. Wiwat Chidchitwong, Phuket's Regional Bureau, revealed that a MJ vessel was carrying nine passengers on a two yacht yacht that started from Yacht Haven, Thalang. Phuket.

9 passengers sat safely, now all the passengers sailed to the yacht marina. The reason for the initial assumption in the rainy season. Lightning struck down the ship. Fire Cause The ship is almost completely damaged. The ship sank at a later date. All nine passengers, the fishing boats are safe. Deputy Governor of Thanyawat Chanpinij Phuket, Adul Chumthong, Thalang Police Officer, Panya Sampararat, District Mayor of Pa Khlok Phuket Disaster Prevention and Reduction Phuket Provincial Port And the competent authorities were the offense. Progress will be reported later.

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