Friday , August 19 2022

The tragedy of a fleet of 40 million shipwreck shipments recently is on Nate.


It is not sure if the former heroine Neeta Aarsty is for the twins. Outside of an industry, Dharmmat Nongfang is now a business owner of Meridian cruise. The bride said. The ship was built for this special wedding. The bride is worth 40 million dollars.

The bride said. I met this bride in a happy boat. In the MC episode. This is not the case. I am a fan of Netanyahu, I have worked for 16 years.

What is brides today
Natashasha "If you wish to get married on the countdown for the new year (smile), I'm still ready to do it until the last minute, but I have to run till yesterday."

"I'm excited and build a story of the boat, now we will build this boat, it will take a little longer, but it's a trouble, but it's alright.

Do you want to build this ship for this work?
We have a plan to build a new boat. We have met exactly. So hurry up the boat to stay with us. It takes about 3 months. "

What is the day of the ceremony?
The fair will be held in the month of November, a warm family. The atmosphere was very interesting. Use this boat. It is used in the inaugural parade. The guests were also fun. "

Asked for dowry
Bum "truly is about love, we can not measure the measure, or that dowry he consoled a celebration of the bride, and I can care for him, and we have raised him up."

How long are we dating?
Last year I was known at Songkhan Festivals, and he is the best I have ever seen. He is already happy. Train us well. Good family, good friends, we're happy and do not think anything else. "

How are you doing
"Nathan is beautiful, talking to me we have to work hard to find him happily, but we are tired and tired, but we're tired again and again and we thought we should not be separated.

Will hear the start of fans in theater?
Nat was released 16 years ago. I look and love it. This is coincidence. It's luck. He is a woman in fiction. "

I first saw boat note?
"I'm excited, to remember the photos of a couple and then post it on Facebook." I do not think I'm able to stand with you till now. "

When did he get married?
"We did not say anything that day, but when he was planning a wedding, tell us that the boat had a new countdown, we should host and we are host.

Time is fire. He went out and knelt down and knocked. We are still there before I create a color, the page is not perfect, so I'm not surprised at what we should say. Think about what we say. When the time is right to talk, the ring pulls his hand.

If so, I'm not sure.
"It's most intuitive (smile)."

What is the Bridegroom's promise?
Naturally, I should say that the request at home is at the event. We want to say we do not like the value of love. At home, Nat really. Nothing was asked

That is the promise of the bridegroom. At home, goodbye. Do not give up if you do not love me one day. Do not sleep. Bring home. This is my house (laugh) "

"We came from the Nathan family, and I would treat it with a smile."

But the story of the younger brother. Did not we hold
"In fact the brother of beam (laughs)".

"I need a daughter and I want a daughter."

"How old are we, how many men we are, what a woman we are, how old we may have been, we have created a very busy job in the past, and there is no time for physical examination, but I have not planned and I have not done anything."

Have a double
Nat "If this was okay (smile now), he is now trendy and we want to think, this is a very difficult thing and I do not want to wait long."

How do you make a ring as a dowry?
It's 4 carat.

Do you see this boat getting downtrodden?
"All ships are mine, but we have built a new vessel in the name of Natrix all its shareholders."

What is engagement?
"On the break day, Nathaniel was weeping and I'm so grateful to many of my friends who make me beautiful flowers and people make clothes for everything.

Nat is very happy and very attractive. Time to see what all the people see us. It's not just our two friends. But we see love. We must offer. "

Are we two years old?
He was not alone in his single year. I do not tell you about love. But today, kindly told me about 35 days (smile).

Will marriage be registered?
"This is probably a matter of faith, but a married but not very famous tutor, but not registered, why did not we ask?

For the sake of peace. We do not dare to do anything. Tell him. I do not care. The heavy boss (please laugh) is this boat.

"Well, (laughs) the value of this ship is 40 million."

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