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This is my first post.


This is my first post.

Post-mortar guns came out after Ben's race to continue shooting after his wife's interview. Interviewed the press through the Press Release Journal.

I do not know how to do that.

On November 19th, Nippon's strategy was celebrated in the Kannanabha Studios studio. Open your mind on the show. The interview of Akari Worthornonchach or Bens Racing House through a program that stressed the wife's questions to the family. The watery star does not exist. This was the first time I heard it. I will not talk about her husband again.

Reporters have reported. After the program finishes. The media once again introduced an interview. Talk about unwanted tears. It's hard to say. Then they think that they will say in their own reply. Mercedes Benz will not talk about it. We should not answer him anymore.

Live! I do not know what to do. # Entertainment News

Posted by Khaosod – Newest Sunday, November 18, 2018.

That is all the same. I do not have a discussion after Bence. The answer is clear. Believe me that everyone from my brothers is like me. So it's like what you're looking for. And finally got it. It will not go straight up. But it's through interviews, you can understand that. From now on, I do not talk about Ben's. The role was only for the role.

Journalists answer reply. The only mother of the race. Is that right? I am not alone. What do you see Let me know in a certain time. I mean what today's election or what. In the past few days, they have learned what it is. What does that mean? I understand this should be the case. It seems to be true.

This is a great solution. But that does not mean that they do not choose. If you want to select from the first day, there is a question. Today I do not want to go there, it's clear from words, interviews, responses etc. I believe everyone can see clearly. It's unclear, comment or something. If so, I'm not sure. Show everyone's thinking. So we are not the ones who think of us. After all, because there is nothing about him already.

The question is this. At the latest Mercedes interview. Have you heard that certain verses are too strong? The girl said. I do not think so, because I was so happy and happy that I spoke. He is not good for him. Let me say anything. When he said, he realized it accurately. To clear the mind. Now I'm not feeling well.

The reporter asked again. Many people are concerned about guns in the Mercedes-Benz post. What do you smile? He's not that way I should not play the ball. But I did not see it. I was in it. I'm sure he's good and no one hurts. I will hurt myself or not. This is not the image your kids see. From now on, they will do the same. Please wait a long time. Only one of them is the mother of the race.

The reporter asked. After that, I will talk bely to Bence. I tried to contact him since Friday, "he said. But there is no feedback. He looks good. Do not press or call. That day shocked him, because he could not do anything. I will talk to you about it being discussed. In the state of mind, it is true now. Do not press anything. That's very nice. For a long time. He does not speak directly to him today. But speaking through the media is a response to a channel.

The question is whether to be a single mother. Prepare so much here, I can not do anything. Only your father and mother remain responsible. Finally, he is still racing father. They know that he does the job well. It's just enough to talk to me.

The reporter asked. How many people see the song to be a big story? The girl said. Every day make you stronger. Make more patience, take more decisions, and think more. At this time, they have not decided for themselves. The ball is waiting before this. You want to do the best for you in this game, but it is still fulfilling this time.

"Sorry, can not go home." As always, my father is supposed to be a father. So far, stay in the pad, it's tired. " Single mammoth

I have a friend who wants to make a race to see a good husband. Other good news (clip).

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