Wednesday , January 27 2021

Top Toon! Fans continue the overnight line. Body Slam Cards, Out of Stock – Fresh News

Top Toon! Fans continue the overnight line. The physical slam card is out of stock.

January 6, under fashion hall, first floor, Siam Paragon, "Body Slam Band", Toon Aewa, Paddy Thanadol, Yad Thanachi, Chechutsut and Om. Emotional interviews in the press conference "BoardSlamAstFive, Live Topics Rajmakhalha Sports Live Topics" after waiting for fans to book night tickets. Which was released today, on the first day, the number of hundred thousand leaves and all near one day

Only one day, the news is that thousands of cards are running out?
Toon – We are all very excited. Since yesterday (January 5th), the news that people come to the queue to wait for tickets to buy tickets fans are happy Many people come to see the concert. Get the news that the card is almost out of stock, thanks to many people intending to leave the house to buy tickets. Include a lot of people sitting in front of a computer screen. All but we intend to see physical slam on February 9 and 10, prepare to have fun with us.

Fans who love the picture and wait for day and night. How much is internal feeling?
Toon – Do you think I'm crying? While really crying, sitting in the van, came and sat and watched different images. People sent many pictures to IG and social media. Including people booking tickets in different provinces. There was a feeling of joy and was colorful until it was properly told.

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Thank you very much from all 5 of our heart. I do not think anybody will be committed to buying many of our cards. Indeed, whether the card will be sold in our hearts on this day. Or how many people will come in any way, we're definitely happy with the two shows that will happen. But if you want to be good, you want to be as close as possible. At least it should be a good experience for us and for everyone.

Body Slam Fever Called Again?
Toon – Many people missed the Live-Iligo episode 8-9 years ago, this time, they intend to watch it. It seems that it should also be the last time, because the physical slam is often not kept in the royal palace. Next time if there is a chance, then age should be 50. (Laugh)

Then this time the concert is trying to isolate the last time everyone wants to see, listen, listen and experience everyone, and in 2019 it was considered the first story to be a body slam, not an old image. He remembers every past

And with the guests on stage?
Toon – New album will be released at the end of this month. There will be almost one artist to join the finisher and then the concert will appear at the end of this month, you will know who is the guests. But a 1-day album will be released first, which has been filmed in a music video and must be the first to see who they are.

Given the fan's intentions, does this size all work harder?
Om – of course, I believe nobody will leave the stage.

Talk about being a festival with this concert?
Crush – We intend to see that many people travel simultaneously from day to day. To join the atmosphere around the field, I think it should be good if there is a small stage activity. While waiting for a big platform door, it is inspiration and fun for many people and this concert has a concept that everyone will be closer to us. So there will be a story that reflects about life, as we are the band of competitors first. So take a small step to invite children to join the show

And many people, including album covers, can buy and listen to music but have not read the credit, so I want to tell everyone that besides 5 of us, there are teams who live with us from the first album. And there are so many things that are hilarious about our lives.

Later, Toon Sukawa posted an ID card, a thousand concert tickets were sold and he said that [SOLD OUT!] M-150 Bondislem Fest # At the Rajmangala Stadium # Blue Light Live presents thanks to all hearts … be ready for the body and be prepared … and join the sounds of joy … 9 and 10 February … Love รัก

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