Friday , January 27 2023

"True" joins the Thai Chamber of Commerce to hold the first 5G roadshows in Khana Cane


5th Street Road
Khoan Ken News Center – True Seal Group, Thailand's first chamber of commerce, organized the first 5 rd roadshow in the northeast, Khoan Kahn International Convention and Exhibition Center and ready to show high-tech equipment supporting 5G technology to show data transmission speed event.
Mr. Vicho Rakfongaroz Executive Committee Vice Chairman True Corp PLC.
Prime Minister Linda Sarasin, Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce of Thailand and in cooperation with the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Vice Chairman of the International Convention and Exhibition Center (KEC) Mr. Khoan Ken, Mr. Vichao Rockforkers Fund Corporation Public Company Limited, today (29th June, 62) and Governor of Khon Kaen Province, Mr. Somasak, on the first real atmosphere of Jankrul Islam Fair Chamber of Commerce to provide and planned for 2019. Experience anyone else before

"True 5G, 1st Showcase Roadshow: The Driving Force of the Nation", ready to be a gateway to connect Indochina with the first road show. With the support of NBTC, it is ready to revolutionize the life and work of various industries of advanced technology, 2019, 28 June – 7 July 2019, True Booth, Hall 3, International Convention and Exhibition Center (KEC), Khun Ken, 10.00 AM From 8pm to 8pm

Mr. Vicho Rakfongaroz Executive Committee Vice Chairman True Corp PLC. Said that True Technology is a researcher in innovation with Thailand's commitment to develop new technologies in Thailand so that the 5G technology does not stop to develop advance wireless communications system, plays an important role in the development of the society and the lives of people in the near future, True Group examining the continued use of 5G in different parameters. Is leading. Including the 5th experience for Thai people to experience

Recently joined forces joining the Thai Chamber of Commerce to organize True Five Roadships for the first time in the northeast. What is the second important strategic area of ​​the country with economic strength and the Gateway of Indochina is the area which is important on the True Group Network which covers at the rural level. And full-size marketing activities at the local level, this time the Ride Show "True 5G, The First Showcase Road: Driving Force of the Nation" is within the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, Khun Kane. To give the experience of the first time to the people of Eshan with a 5G experience on the real atmosphere

Mr. Vicho said, with 5G technology, there will be a big change in the country. For the economic development of the country, the 5G will have the data capability, contact the link between the device units or the sensor of 10 times more signal than the 4G technology, which uses the 5G technology to make the human vehicle a reality. Or medical benefits, long-range surgeries can be achieved in a distance of more than 1000 kilometers, because 5G has very high accuracy and speed.

Event will meet final innovation. The 5G will be open for experimental use on 28GHz spectrum, which has been approved by the Broadcasting Commission, the television and telecommunications business, NBTC, which represents the 5G technology, is ready to revolution the life and work of various industries, so invite people to the EASON and Those who take part in experiments and experience realistic digital visual In this time, proceed with a

For the first road show of Eason, "True 5G, First Showcase Road Show: Driving Force of the Nation" gives a 5G experience on the real atmosphere. For the first time ever to become the gateway to Indochina and to be ready for the first time for the people of Ethan, open the Trial for various innovative apps with the 5G technology for the first time.

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