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November 16, 2061


Invite you to participate in the campaign to "get a car easy" to win a lot. Enjoy the fun. Today is February 10, 2019

TrueMoney Wallet will not end. Unlimited years for popularity "Getting a car is easy." Slogan New arrival! Funny! Honda Civic 1.8Al and other prizes are more than 4.Five million baht will be provided each month by car. Pay TrueMoney Wallet fans from now on. Today is February 10, 2019

It's fun for fans. Make purchases easily using the TrueMoney Wallet app. Every item made for the right to win

  • Buy items at stores. Make money with TrueMoney Wallet like 7-Eleven, McDonald's& # 39;Swaz, Coglar, Dairy Queen, True Coffi and so on.
  • Buy the TrueMove H net package through the Prepaid or TrueMoney Wallet app.
  • Transfer money to your friends through the TrueMoney Wallet app (starting at $ 10).
  • Buy items, games, stickers, or other online items through TrueMoney WeCard.
  • Purchase the app Buy in-app products, music, movies or stickers in the app store. Via Apple Direct Connect.
  • Contribute to Foundation (starting from $ 10) using the TrueMoney Wallet app
  • Buy True Money Cash Card through the TrueMoney Wallet App.
  • Close the bills through the TrueMoney Wallet app, such as true bills., Machine bill, Bill Credit Group, Bill Leasing Group, Bill insurance group, Bill, real estate group, and other bill of lifting.
  • Create a bank account Upgrade your TrueMoney Wallet account.

After completing the TrueMoney Wallet app, you are eligible to win the game. A Honda Civic 1.8 El Car, 100 Months of One Month (including 3 cars and 300 gold necklaces) is not a big deal. Customers can win the prize by posting the prize and posting on Facebook and Twitter on the first prize. #Getting a car is easy. Get 10,000 baht each week for the TrueMoney Wallet app. Play (For cell phones)

TrueMoney Wallet is not available for free! Available on all networks. (For cell phones)

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