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Umma, space expatriates. In the Solar System the world is only 2,000 years old (Clip)

On November 7, 61, Harvard University published a report on researchers. Umumuva (Umammama) is the first substance outside the solar system. It may be an alien spacecraft with a high speed of 87.3 km / sec. The world's most famous physicists and cosmonologists have suggested. Professor Stephen Hawking became the global success of Ummah in the 1960s.

The new assumption of Ummmer is real. How is Uma going fast? What does Thai science think?With this story, it will be made clear today. Professor Dr. Chiwat kipporul

Umma, space expatriates. Two thousand years in the solar system world.

The first question that the Thai people want to know is essential. Oomen, yes, unknown spacecraft. Or foreigners? Ashok Professor It was suggested that it was possible to be a space. It is not considered complete conclusions from alternatives. But this new phenomenon has some big problems. Why does the team make clear that they are a crust player of the solar wind?

Describe a detailed study of the progress achieved by Ashok Professor Dr. Stephen, the first Ummah to come from the solar system. By mid-October it was revealed. After publishing on November 25, 2560 in the journal Nature. It helps people around the world. It is the first material outside the solar system.

A new type of material, Interstellar Object, was originally understood as a comet. After good study we found that there was no comet. That is the asteroid. Believe that there is no such thing in the solar system. Origin of the Solar System Visit the world only once. Finally, the solar system will not be abandoned in about two thousand years. Umma's orbit is like a hyperboline.

Can not find communication signals, this is not a distant space.

Umu's name means the word hawaiak, "front line civilians" or "scout" or "scout" is more helpful for traveling on Umag's journey as a foreigner. I like the science of Thailand, Dr. Chawt is suspect. the reason

Professor Dr. Chinese cheetah, Thailand

Even with the use of the green bank telescope, saffron was discovered in December 2560 this was a leap forward and foreigner. No resulting suspicious signal found. If there are real foreigners outside the solar system, radio signals can be used to communicate with each other. But the truth has changed. It is a secret that scientists analyze the world.

"The shape of the Eagle Shape is about 400 meters long and 40 meters wide, like a cigarette, a typical form of a comet, or the asteroid, but its small size is still unknown, and the telescope is not yet captured. No signal found. This does not mean that it's not a distant space. This signal might be running. The world's radio telescope is a signal that can not be detected." Dr. Chaitu said.

Because 2 researchers have been immersed in confidence, yes, unknown spacecraft.

The head of Harvard's astronomical unit, Prof. Dr. Lomay and Harvard astronomer Schumuel Bielley, Professor Dr. She said. The writer of the report published on November 7, 61, made Umiam news angry again. Study instructions. The alien planet from natural cigar form can be Umm Moore.

From the speed of movement. The nature of the object in the Solar System. Ummer's position will be slow after approaching the sun. Go back as fast as a comet. This is possible if Umbra skin is too thin. Energy from solar photons is similar to space travel and space solar sail.

"Umami made a very long journey as it was made of special materials. What is anonymous? It's not natural. A remote spacecraft can be built. It changes with the speed of unpleasant light. Nature's description. Very thin 0.3-0.9 mm. Space is what solar or solar people are trying to do. The wind does not fall. But the power is power. From Laser to Photon, other stars outside the world can explore. " Dr. Chaitu said.

I think it's a good idea to get 20% faster pace.

What are the new human attempts to find an alien life? According to Associate Professor Dr Mitchell Morgan, the 59-year-old brake thrust star was struck with Marks, the world's most famous scientists, led by Stephen Hawking. Chaitu said. Founder of Aksharberg Facebook and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner. Investors interested in science.

Humans build a spacecraft. Send to external survey *

NanoCraft is smaller than the iPhone. Star chip is called a low square meter. Attach devices such as cameras and sensors. Explore magnetic fields and more. It uses laser beams to explore and utilize the Earth. The ship's operation. Keep away from photon. Travel with laser beam power. Speed ​​speed travels to about 20% of the speed of light speed.

The first goal set for the next 25 years is to send the star chip to the closest planet Earth, the Alpha Centauri. 4.37 light years, and expects images and information to be sent. Returning to Earth takes only 20 years to travel for a short period of time.

Compared to a common space travel takes 30,000 years or another type of Voyager 1 if it takes 70,000 years. Ummar is believed to be an alien to explore the world around the world.

"The Alpha Centauri Star system is composed of 3 stars. Astronomers believe that stars may have life of creatures. Or people can go to live. The next two worlds are the Alpha Centauri, Alpha Centauri A and Alpha Centauri B. The Alpha Centor B. is like the Earth's. Thai scientists explain theoretically

Umah fleet behind people sent to foreigners to explore the Final Cut World.

Umura was one of the scientists in the world Believed to be the distant spacecraft sent to Earth. Do foreigners travel? What if foreigners appeared? Ashok Professor Dr. Umum is believed to be an alien spacecraft. But there is no intellectual sin. Ummah is intended to explore or send the world with purpose. This could be one among thousands of exotic vehicles to explore the galaxies. It is possible, like the Stalshs Breakout project which wishes to send small, small space probes to explore outside humans-like solar system.

Imagine the owner of a grocery store in the United States.

"I believe that Umm is a foreign vehicle. But not 100 percent. I think I did not travel with Umum foreigners. Because it does. A larger space craft than Ummer Do not let the secrets come or the secrets will come, but people should not visit other worlds. And get ready for hundreds of years. If you know how to get into the solar system. I would like to see the alternatives coming to earth. If that's true, I will welcome them. I believe that I will be more friendly than the foes." Ashok professor end the doctor

Human imagination resembling the deployment in the United States.

The first ohm is outside the solar system that proves that people in the world are not inhabitants. It might be a welded property. Answer the astronomers and find the world as human. What are some things in the universe?

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What's right Uighurs are the first objects outside the Solar System. Or aliens.

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