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With many features and specifications from the hivei matte 20x screen, boo.


On the launch day of the Hewey Matt 20 series from Huewei Apart from Mat 20 and Mat 20 Pro, there is another version. Huawei Mat 20 X, which has attracted a large machine and screen size, is 7.2 inches! Larger than any smartphone. It will be a small tablet, but the company's partner 20X is not the only one from this course.

Great design, but bigger.

This is a very big smartphone for Hewai Met 20 X. More than any other smartphone. It also controls the tone design to swallow Met 20 and Mate 20 Pro. This version is available in two colors: Blue MidNite Blue and Silver Phantom Silver can be a more light tone. But this is a simple shade that looks very gorgeous. And never have another shiny silver version.

The back of the machine has been designed to take a more favorable catch on the edge of the palms. Three-lens camera placement is good. I did not find a lens problem. (But if you widen the camera, it will not see this problem difficult), but this model later requires fingerprint scanning. People with small fingers or short fingers can reach a few minutes. I can not change the status of the machine

Full screen area machine just leave the room for the camera.

Microphone port and USB port to charge.

There is also a speaker channel in the upper edge. With 3.5 mm headphone jack that many people will still miss.

Volume buttons and power buttons are also cut into red, common wav.

SIM card slot that works on both SIMs. Or use the same SIM with Huawei's Nano Memory.

More than the most typical of the big screen.

Huawei Mat 20 X is a mid-range option between standard smartphones, which is now a 6.0-inch screen, and a 7.9-inch tablet with a small screen size of 7.2 inches, this version of the screen is available. The display resolution of OLED FHD + (1080 x 2244 pixels) is impressive, colorful and intense. The video can be scaled to full screen. But the video will eat on the edge.

Of course, hand-holding with one hand of this model is not handy. It is recommended to use single-hand mode, it is convenient. Or it is good to use this model with an M-pen. The writer has tried to bring the mobile phone giant broadly. Try to hold on to it, you think the screen is ok, but the machine size is too big.

Battery 5,000 mH!

Look at the thin I do not believe the battery capacity is 5,000 millimeters. By the actual use of internet connection Social updates, photos, games, etc. can be used for a long time. If you do not have enough money, you do not have to keep the power bank. It is expected that part of AI will help in the allocation of power in the machine. Or if a battery comes in the situation. He also has a power saving mode which extends the day life.

Three-lens Lacca Matte 20 Pro

Huawei Matte 20X Camera

Do not think that this feature is not particularly famous as other features of the Matte 20X smartphone. Camera is just like the Mat 20 Pro! With the Liaxy 40-megapixel resolution, three-lens camera with wide-angle lens, with wide-angled lens F 1.8 + 20 megapixel ultra-wide apparatus with F2. .2 + 8M Telephoto Lens, F 2.4 Apertart, Ai Ai, Intelligent Ai System for Photo Processing This version has 3x zoom facility available.

Or 24-megapixel camera, has a portrait mode that has everything to use, including skin skinned skin. Now gets more floating face or makeup

Photos for Mat 20 X to take pictures during day or night are not really disappointed. Both optical and hybrid zoom are good. The picture is quite sharp. Photos are still very detailed. Or who will enjoy the late night? It can do with countdown timer. Choose the brightness of the image you like.

Huawei Matte 20 X Camera

Huawei Matte 20 X Camera

Huawei Matte 20 X Camera

Huawei Matte 20 X Camera

Master Ai The sample food photos are in progress.

Huawei Matte 20 X Camera

Huawei Matte 20 X Camera

Shoot the light on the street with Night Mode.

Huawei Matte 20 X Camera

Super Macro shooting is very close Bawkh background But this photo, a small fire. Must deliberately focus

Hyvision and Hitch

This model uses the same camera as a top model, so it's easy to use Hyvision and Hit. Just open the Camera menu and press the top left icon. Then use the camera to scan objects for calculating food calories by various types of information such as QR code scanning, food scans. Or you can find the e-commerce site's name automatically (Ai shopping) shooting or value to translate the language. Urgently, it can be done, it can be done.

M-Pen go to one another.

Huawei is a new screen in the Highlights 20, while there is a new pen pen to take note when the screen is off. M-pen comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. USB Type-C Charger is also available for one month. Portability It is not stored in the machine. I have a real pen to use it before.

Huawei Mat 20 X

The use of a matte pen 20-meter M-pane was good at a certain level. Writing motion of the picture is very fast. But contact pen tip on screen glass does not stop writing on actual paper. I think this M-Pen is very difficult. When interacting with the screen glass, it causes sound like a solid effect. I do not know how to use it.


This is another reason because Matte X X is the second version that uses the latest Chipset HySilikon Kiren 980 and the Android operating system Pie 9.0, which many people will already see strength. This model is energy efficient and the multi-G 76MP 10GPU and 2.0GDPU Turbo comes with built-in NPU-compatible AI. With 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage capacity, it is enough for every aspect.

Summary and comments from Vodafone

It's a new definition of big screen smartphones launched, it must be rolled out in large screen sizes. Originally smartphone, but more than that. That chipset is adopted. Three lenses and other top features It's not enough to put Huewei still kind. Include high capacity battery with 5,000 meters. The price is 28,900 baht, I try to reduce it. Is this the right option for you? And do not forget to catch it before. Can I stay with this smartphone for a long time?

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