Monday , June 5 2023

World Class All Black Team Targets coach rotek


"Big Tree" and Paul Call on November 12, 2061. The agreement was signed between Press Conference President Riteikers, former Rugby Plaire. He has won a World Champion, One World Champion and Two Commonwealth Games Gold Medal. Vagrath College in rugby region of the year

The team can benefit from a round for the rugby team. Because he has experience. He had 150,000 Bhut salaries, 25,000 Bhaskees per month and an employee to rent a rent in Andhra Pradesh. Help him get started. We know more Thailand.

Lieutenant Colonel Kulatan said that seven teams of the tournament will be taken care of. You should strive to understand how to make muscles. Plans to send athletes to compete. The goal is to achieve the quota of 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, with training programs for a period of two years. Japan depends on a number of factors. But the Association has done past operations. Now there is a chance to do it. Ca. The Philippines must win in the Philippines next year.

Rocka Rabara said that Thaani and Raibi are preparing for Thai foods and Thai food, which is good in Thailand. We have to work hard. Think about the goals set up by the Association. In the 2020 Olympics and Championship teams, the women's team won the SEA Games 2019. It will take place.

In addition, Coach Ray Rabara and coaches started Rugby football clinic to study children and young people in college and ploy school. Royal College Off

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