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26,000 women investigated: Mediterranean diet reduces heart attack

A study in the United States showed the beneficial effects of Mediterranean diet on heart health. Cardiologist Is Acoustic Dr. Murat Turfan, "26,000 women, who have studied 12 years of age, have experienced 28 percent of the hungry Mediterranean-type stroke and heart attack," he said.

He said the Mediterranean diet has been known for many years due to the defensive role of the Memorial Service Hospital's Cardiology Department. Dr. Murat Turfan, 12 Survey from 12 Years to 26,000 Women. According to Mediterranean type nutrition, people are divided into four categories. The group with most people has a 28% lower Parisian heart rate and a heart attack than the other. We believe that this type of dietary presentation is less than the insect-free infection known as inflammation in the body. Defined diseases of Mediterranean diet were shown earlier in certain diseases. We have evidence of heart disease, but this is a big evidence. Parkinson's protective diet of breast cancer is a protective role.

See your oil needs and celestial objects

Asserting that Mediterranean food is not a restricted diet. Dr. Murat Turf said about dietary content:

Is it we can actually say a lifestyle change for this diet. Keeping Mediterranean foods as a pyramid, below are social activities. Together the food is based on promoting healthy foods. Below this, there are food carbohydrates in which monounsaturated fatty acids are rich. At the top, red meat and saturated fatty acids are included. There is no ban on diet in this diet. There is a fair reduction. There are suggestions such as reducing the intake of less than 10% of daily calories and reducing saturated fatty acids. But butter is not restricted, but the fat content of daily consumption calories should be less than 10%. We need to get fat content from foods such as olive oil, hazelnut oil, almonds, avocados. We need to take complicated carbohydrate such as oats, red and black rice. Drink plenty of water. Ball

"We're in a fair area"

In terms of heart disease professor explaining the dangerous point in Turkey Dr. Turfan, "Geographically, our Mediterranean type should adapt to inactivity, obesity, hypertension, and it is not very common in Turkey cigarettes. Generally, we have 5 grams of salt per day, whereas in our country every 10 to 15 grams We eat all the sweets, although we are a country that produces olive oil, we use less. This condition increases the risk of heart disease. We are one of the longest coastal countries in the Mediterranean, but countries which apply the Mediterranean food at least, we use very little water. This is a risk factor for heart disease. And mix coffee.

AH Three Finish Coffee "

In the context of heart health, insist 3 cups of coffee is healthy in one day. Dr. Turf said that in many studies 3 cups of coffee have been shown to be useful. It is important to change the nutritional nutrition philosophy here. Children need to be kept away from simple candy. It is necessary to feed as complex carbohydrates as possible. We should be able to balance and reward our children with food, which does not include as many additives as possible. The taste of the palate occurs at an early age and it is very difficult to change. It's so easy to adapt to them as a child. This nutritious exercise, such as exercise, protects you in 30 years. How good is the early life of the heart's habits, or he said.


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