Friday , June 25 2021

44. Trailer! Father and son are closely connected …

Article 43; To persuade Sajad to stay out of the bondage for a long time, he returned to a strong and aggressive state when he thought he would die until now. At the end of the pit; Yamazaki wanted to bring the Karakusu team to the Karukus purus with the mahusu and the set hands, and every step they took was aware of every effort they made. Both the Masun and the Sethu were unimportant about the recent movements. He began to doubt. Kazmi and Vesel wondered when Kamley and Vaisel did not raid during a vehicle that was not transmitted by a carriage. But this operation has succeeded. On the other hand, Mahus and Seto were shot dead by his family and shot down the Coca-Cola. Selasu's mother and wife Asin took up their heads and arranged a house. Threatened. The information about this area was seen by Essoydan Karakuzuler, who misunderstood the data at this point, and the shoe continued to complete the 44th episode in full speed research. Here, Erason's earliest details were played by the Karukulas after the publication of the 44 episode trailer of Kakkoor.

ÇUKUR 44. Bylam Fraumie was published?

Çukur 44. The showcase of the high quality and powerful projects of show TV screens released.

Time after publishing at 44.B

Screenplay by Sinan Ostark, screenplayed by audiences, audiences and a host of audiences. On November 26th, 44th on display TV screens will be displayed.


What was the last part of the pit?

At the end of the pit; Vittorua is to leave the largest vegetable saloon in the hands of Chettoid Sadievi Wortolance and give old days to Saloon. Setton Wortolon is what weirdly ask. Essio holds the hatchback handbags at a trumpet and tries to understand the caracaslaler's plans. Use Vartolu not only Celasun and Ceto will have new plans, the battle with the Koçovans will get warm.

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