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9 August The current listing of Gust BMM has been published: Meat Grinder, Electric S …

The latest list of B સૂચિMs has been published. The products that will be sold on BİM shelves on 9 August GST 2019 are exclusive to Kurban Bairam. This week BİM sells products to suit the needs of its customers. Mining Machine, Deep Freezer, Sword Saw, Stone Engine, Electric Barbecue, Roasting Plate, Scuff Knife, Steel Rolls, Meat Forging Iron, Cast Iron Grill Pan, Toaster, Blender Robot Set And Knife Types Rank.

Bİm 9 G Gust 2019 Real Products Kettle O G

– Vestal Guaranteed, 3-compartment, A + energy class offer for sale Only Regal Deep Freezer

– 2 different stainless steel chopper rollers for Eid al-Adha Arnica Mining Machine 299 T.L.

Prover Sword 169 T.L.

The Proverb Stone Engine 99 T.L.

– The enamelled tray, glass fiber coating protects from heat loss to heat formation more quickly, since stainless resistance you can use for many years. Acel Drum Oven 139 T.L.

– Easy to clean and practical to use Akel Katmar Pancake Sheet 99 tl.

Kumtel Electric Barbecue 75 T.L.

– Ergonomics design, 2-stage speed adjustment, 2 year warranty Fakir Blender Robot Set 199 T.L.

– Altus 6 slice capacity, 2 year yr Toaster 159 T.L.

Folding Portable Camping Picnic Table 75 TL

Fold stool-chair type 39 TL

BİM current products catalog

Chesting sheet 35,90 tl.

– Teflon pressure cooker 199 tl.

– Gastro Flatware 60 T.L.

– Chefs Granite Effect Pot 60 T.L.

– Shf knife 12,50 tl.

Steel line

– Meat Forging Iron 17,90 tl.

– Cookware 59,90 TL with Granite Effect

– Single Price Knife Type 6,95 TL

– Flexible Carrying Basket 22,50 TL

– Stainless Steel Gastro Flatware 59,90 TL

– Lava Cast Iron Grill Pan 59,90 TL

– Medium barbecue grill 49,90 tl.

– Folding stool and chair type 39,90 TL

– Folding Portable Camping & Picnic Table 75 TL

– Relax thermos with internal glass container for up to 12 hours. 29,90 tl.

BİM Sacrifice Products

– Stainless steel service products made of stainless steel from Hisar Ti Ptima 13,95 TL

– Large steel tray 69,90 tl.

– Love Rose 12 Piece Tea Set 25,90 TL.

– Fruit Juicer Patterned Jug 7,95 TL

– Casting Cake Mold 36,90 TL

– 13,50 TL with products like single price Teflon products, such as pots, sawn, milk pots and pans.

– Different Models Double Sided Medium Size MDF Tray 14,90 TL

– Prayer Rug 19,90 tl.

– Rosary types 9,90 tl.

– 6,90 tl of bracelet type.

– Summer Linen Shoes 12,90 TL.

– Silver necklace

– Care Free Table Cloth 14,95 tl.

– With time adjustment, 3 different speed options and 400mm propeller diameter


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