Saturday , June 10 2023

A terrible event in Kahramanmaras! Was brutally murdered 28 days later.


In the forest area of ​​the town of Turku, yesterday afternoon, the dead body of a stranger was found.

Police investigated the incident and the woman owned a hard object.

A special police team was formed to determine who was missing from the body. Detectives group in the Housing Bureau investigated the missing compensation claims and social media accounts.

On October 8, High School student Fema Noor Carozaglan decided to visit her home in Turgovila town on October 8 and decided that she would be the same piece of her tantra. The family was identified after the corpse had decided to dominate the coronation.

At the last meeting of the girl and her friends, a special team was witnessing to find a killing murderer. O.A., cross-exxusted because of the conflicting statements given to a high school student for security. He confessed his iniquity. Oh In this statement he met a young girl and met in the forest area a month ago.

O.A. The police said.

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