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Aging is becoming history! & # 39; Some type of youth shower & # 39;

The concept of immortality has been known as one of the most interesting concepts from the beginning of mankind to the present day. The concept of immortality, which we see as our ultimate goal, has been a topic that has been explored in almost every moment of history. The adventure started with The Lakmists also received legends such as the Immortality / Fountain of Youth. New research shows that this fountain can no longer be more than a legend.

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This quest will challenge the limits of your assumptions

Genetic scientist named Juan Carlos Ejpisua Belmont .The scientist made an invention that would push the limits of your perception. Izpisua Belmont removed markers from rat genes, making all cells smaller. In other words, it encapsulates the information that cells are aging and converts them to their original state.

Trial on the first mouse

Ezpisua Belmont is experiencing this on a mouse, lying on your back the day before the literal wait for the mouse to die, saying that the process is lifelong. The mouse almost sucked from the fountain of youth and died a few days later due to cell failure. The tumors were due to this. Mice were introduced to the & # 39; youth & # 39; A dose of dose was found.

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The process of genetic modification

The process applied to the mouse involves a genetic modification called '# 39; reprogramming & # 39; Is called. Epigenetic traces in the body & # 39; With a system that regulates the gene called name marking, you can forget about the cell, whether it is bone cells or skin cells. This process is often used for stem cell production. Cells that forget what they are, go back to their embryonic stage and become the desired cells.

The type of young Fontaine

Izpisua Belmonte points out that if this process is consciously and properly utilized, then animals and humans can be reprogrammed, a process that is a kind of young fountain. Describing aging as molecular deviations at the cellular level, Izpisua Belmont emphasized that no one won this war with entropy.

Before cloning

Izipisua Belmonte, who said that reprogramming has been used in cloning before, cites the example of a cloned calf from an adult bull. The calf that refreshes the DNA just like an adult bull, in other words, received the same DNA without distractions from old age.
The process of Izepisua Belmonte is to eliminate the deviations of aging without producing a new one. The deviations that make our cells viable for our aging cause may be the first reason for our aging. Therefore, if we reverse these epigenetic changes with reprogramming, we can reverse the aging process.

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Not uncertainty, but life is exciting

After all, Izipisua Belmont said that epigenetic changes don't promise you eternal life, but only your & # 39; expiration date & # 39; To delay. According to his statements, there are no barriers to extending human life from 35 to 50 years, and he believes that a person who lives up to 130 years of age is among us.

The treatment of Uzpisua Belmonte's mice is based on the Nobel Laureate's invention of Japanese stem cell researcher Shinya Yamanaka. In 2006, Yamanaka added only four proteins to adult human cells, so that they behave like newly formed embryos. This protein, called the yeast factor, eliminates epigenetic markers in cells, giving the cell a fresh start.

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New treatment method

The investigation also revealed a new method of treatment. According to the results of the research, it is mentioned that a person's entire body can be rejuvenated, but there are some disadvantages in this process. If you remove the epigenome trace in one cell at the target of methylation and at the omechase dose, the cell may lose its identity. In other words, you erase the memory completely. These empty cells may also develop into new functional cells in the future or may lose their function completely. It can develop itself as a cancer cell and cause the person to develop tumors.

Izepisua Belmont thought that the results could not be fatal if the mice were reprogrammed at small doses. In 2016, the team invented a method to partially restore cells in progeria and mice. Organizing mice to develop therapeutic factors in their body, researchers developed a system to control this process. When an antibiotic called doxycycline was excreted, the mice that developed the yeast factors were divided into two different groups.


In the lab of Izepisua Belmonte, some rats were given doxycycline water at any time. Other rats were given doxycycline water for two days each week. Rats with persistent cough died within a short period, but mice that consumed limited amounts of doxycycline water survived 30% longer.

Although the idea of ​​rejuvenating the entire body seems a bit far-fetched at the moment, it is thought that some of the old age-related illnesses may stop in a few years. Specialists who eradicate epigenetic traces using common factors will be able to eliminate these diseases in the near future.

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