Saturday , September 24 2022

Bansu Soral: I'm not sad



Bansu Sorrel and Hankan Bass, together with his star in the series, met with his friends in Becker, a pair of shining pairs.

"I just started saving money"

Bansu Soral, who now lives in the excitement of Film Organized Works 2, is one day for vision, he said that he is a very excited person. 27-year-old Bansu Soral, "I just started making money, but I have not invested" He said.

"Not worthless"

Bansu Sorle continued: "I'm not boring, I'm active. I'm spending money in vain, I'm accustomed to the bank, it'll need in the future."

Bansu Soral and his wife, Hakan Bass, entered the world in September in Istanbul-Bessica. After the marriage, the couple chose Bahamas for a honeymoon.

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