Thursday , January 28 2021

Beetown is worth $ 4,100, will it continue to increase?

Between any day, earning $ 3,700 a day, reaching $ 4,100 has increased by about $ 400.

UK's, TSI started in the evening. In the uptrend session, the crypto money increased by $ 300 in 15 minutes. According to Bitstamp data, Bitcoin is currently being bought and sold for $ 4,060.

In the last 24 hours, number one crypto was 6.5 percent of the money. Bitcoin boom also ensures that the crypto-currency market capitalization is $ 140 billion.

What is behind Ascension?

Although the reasons behind the increase in bitcoin are unclear, it has claimed that the price catalyst for the next seven hours will be closed for the leading crypto money exchange, bitfinax. According to this theory, users are replacing their crypto coin with a bitcoin so that it will be out of bitfinax before maintenance.

Greenspan: There is a big barrier ahead

Etiro's market analyst Moti Greenspan, the social analytics platform, told the latest news about It's a little more important that the price is more than $ 4,000. The big barrier is still ahead. The breakdown of $ 5,000 will enable many crypto money buyers to shop with the expectation of upbringing

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