Saturday , January 23 2021

Bridal candidate Hanif humiliated his followers

Announcing the name of the bride-to-program, the bride-honch gurdail insulted her critics.

"I should not take my hopes!"

Sharing the story section of the Instagram account, Hanif said, "I am fat, I am fat. My stomach is on my stomach, I am sitting on it. I do not wear my stomach! I do not want to see the eyes of a donkey or throw the eye. The bone does not give the idea that I have never done everything I have done and do not knock my hair. "Expressions Used

Agenda was kept with pumping

Although he earned money from his social media accounts, Gurdal did not leave his job and came with a pump officer at Torvalli's fuel station. Gurdal, who has been working in different fields for years, said, "Women can work in such a way that women can not do that. I have received very positive feedback here. I now have insurance, I also like my job."

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