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Personal data protection and processing

Lighting text

Personal Data Protection Law Number 6698 (VKK), according to your personal data; Saran Information Systems Services Investment and Management A ("AJANSSPOR") in the space described below.

The personal information you provide to AJANSPOR in the capacity of responsible data can be obtained by following the terms and conditions described below; And can be processed in other ways specified in the keycase.

This text has been designed to fulfill our responsibilities to disclose as a data authority by howcaque and to provide information about your personal data.

It contains links to our web site ("Site AJ"), which contains promotions and information about the services of AJANSSPOR, links to other sites, and privacy principles on the site will only be applied to the site, please Note that we do not have any liability for other sites linked to.

2. The purpose of procedural personal data

Name, alias, e-mail address, password information (together with all "user account information") is required to create your account for membership if you are using Members of membership platform for accessing AJAXSPOR's site to create membership comments and follow comments (I) Display of services provided on the platform, (ii) management of systems for site and membership platform, and (iii) AJANSSPOR and AJANSSPOR Provision of legal and professional security requirements for group companies (e.g. administrative operations for communications, AJANSSPOR and groups). To ensure the physical location of the company's physical security requirements and audit (legal procedures, audit, financial matters, reporting responsibilities) and data protection 5 Articles 6 and 6 to ensure that the objectives of the law ("KYKK") can be collected for the purposes of the specified purpose Compliance can be recorded and stored in a digital or physical environment in the AJANSSPOR database. This data will be shared with the editors of the site, group companies of AJANSSPOR and authorized organizations and organizations.

If you apply for your information about your references as an agency source, your name, aliases, address, e-mail, telephone, birth date, caste, marital status, nationality, education and military status information, labor and social security regulations, and In order to evaluate and database in digital or physical environment of AJNSSSPR, article 5 and 6 Within the time required for the fulfillment of the stated objectives in the Data Protection Act ( "kevikeke"), can be stored and can be stored. It can be shared with group companies of AJANSSPOR.

If you are appointed as a staff member of AJANSSPOR, you will receive your identity card information, residence information, photo, military status information, your family identification card information, population registration sample, telephone, e-mail, medical report, education information and documents. (CV, diploma). ), Bank account information can be processed to pay your wages according to the forensic registration document, old workplace executive documents, regular account flow and labor and social security leagitions. In addition, entry and exit information in the building, outside camera recordings of privacy areas (eg, toilets); In pursuance of the Labor and Social Security Legislation, communication and supervision administrative operations are carried out to ensure the physical security and supervision of the company's locations.

If you visit AJANSSPOR building as a visitor / guest during a visit to AJANSSPOR, you will be able to access your log records of your access at the time you access the Internet; It has been processed to protect the interest of your party and the other person, so that the law no. According to the provisions of AJANSSPOR's safety is ensured.

The exact information you provide to AJENSPOR is accurate and up to date, your memberships and systems are accessed. We tell you that we have the right to conduct all investigations and investigations to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information provided to us.

3. WHO and the purpose of which the processed personal data can be transferred

Your personal data collected or provided by you as a data owner;

• AJANSSPOR (business partners, if any) and group companies; Business Partnership is limited to scheduling the fulfillment of the objectives,

• AJANSSPOR (Suppliers, if any); To ensure that AJansSPOR's services are provided to Agencies SPOR to carry out business activities,

• Group companies; To ensure the conduct of essential professional activities of group companies participation,

• Shareholders of AJANSSSPOR; According to the provisions of the relevant law, AJANSSPOR legal, event management and corporate communications activities are in limited space for limited activities,

• First, second and third degree managers of AJANSSPOR; Limited to the purposes of designing, ascertaining the highest level of operating activities and auditing of AJANSSPOR's business activities, according to the relevant law provisions,

• Legally authorized public bodies and organizations; Restricted by the statutory authority of the respective authorized public bodies, such as the provision of law related to your identity verification and legal responsibilities, fraud prevention, crime income laundering,

• Legally authorized private law persons; Restricted to the intended request by people of law related to the legal authority,

Following KitKac article 8, it can be transferred to Turkey for the purposes specified above.

4. Method of personal data collection and legal reasons

In this lighting text, we are collecting your personal data in your verbal, written or electronic medium to provide the services you provide and to fulfill the liabilities of AJANSSPOR made by the following agreements and laws. .

Your personal data may be completely or partially automated or auto-generated, however it is part of the data recording system; Membership or data forms and membership agreements that you fill in during your membership; The movements you take in our sites and apps; Through the systems designed to provide announcements and communications, or to receive your approval and contact information to collect your satisfaction or complaints about our products or services; Electronic newsletter, communications, complaints, swipstakes, promotions, participation in electronic newsletters, pre-registrations, campaign participation forms, face-to-face, telephone or any other communication medium. Surveys or communications; Social networks; Mobile phones, tablets or other mobile device apps; Subscriptions and subscriptions, especially agensporp, and agenspRR, have been written or written electronically by written or verbal communication channels created by agenspor, which you have signed with e-mails, faxes and letters sent to you.

The legitimate reason for collecting your personal data is how the provisions of Article 5 and 6 of the law have been clearly defined in the law, c) the personal data of parties in the contract is required to be processed, however it is related to the establishment or display of a direct contract; D) that the concerned person must meet his legal liability; D) It is published by the relevant person; e) Data processing is mandatory for establishing, using or protecting the rights. Your personal data will be processed outside of these terms in accordance with your consent.

5. Personal Data Owner's Rights in the Law of 11

According to Article 11 of KYKK, you can apply for us about us;

A) to know whether personal data is processed or not,

B) Request information if personal information has been processed,

C) Whether to know the purpose of processing of personal data and to be used according to their purpose; ç) Knowing third parties on which the domestic data transfer is done at home or abroad,

D) In ​​order to request personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect process,

e) In order to request the removal or destruction of personal data in accordance with the terms and conditions provided in Section 7 of KKK,

F) Third parties are advised to request a transaction made in paragraph (d) and (e) that personal data is transmitted,

g) objecting to the occurrence of a person against an individual by analyzing the data processed by automated systems individually,

personal) You have the right to demand loss in case of damages due to the unlawful process of personal data.

Your request, which includes your disclosure of your identity documents and your rights to use the above described rights; By filling out the form at, you can submit a signed copy of the form P.T. You can send to Evleri Mahan. Hikiosman Bairrie Cade No: 16, Seriar, Istanbul, with personally identifiable documents, you can send us notices either by public or by writing us using the previously informed e-mail address or other methods defined by the Personal Data Protection Board. .

For the third parties to request an application on behalf of individual data owners, a special power of attorney issued by the public must be present in the Notary on behalf of the person applying for the data owner.

Based on the nature of the request, we will respond to your request, which will be submitted to us freely, free of charge within 30 days. However, according to Article 7, paragraph 1, on the application and procedure principles of the data officer, if your application is answered in writing, no fee will be charged for up to ten pages and a processing fee will be charged for each page above ten pages. If paragraph 2 of the same article is given to you on the recording medium of CD, Flash Memory, then you will be charged a fee which will not exceed the value of the recording medium.

You will be notified in writing or electronically for the result of examination (whether your application has been accepted or rejected). If your data needs to be processed according to the legitimate purposes, we reserve the right to refuse your application, as your application covers the conditions listed in Article 28 of KVKK or covers your needs according to the use of AJNSPR services. If we are uncertain about your request for KKK's application and are subject to the examination process fee, the fee will be refunded to you.

The AJNSPRR may request information related to the relevant person to determine whether the applicant has the personal data. AJAXSPOR can ask questions about the individual data owner's application to specify issues in the personal data owner's application.

Case of rejecting application according to individual data holder, section 14 of KKK, insufficient response or failure to respond to application in time limit; Thirty for the date of receipt of the reply and maybe sixty days from the date of application KVK Complaints

7. Personal information storage and storage

Agencies, laws, legal legislation, or any court or competent authority, to provide you with the personal information or personal data of your personal data or personal data in order to place a request or order in the privacy information given to AJAXSPOR to keep your personal data confidential. Administrative and technical measures take place to prevent unauthorized individuals or publicly unauthorized advertising of your data. Your personal information is stored in private electronic data that is not publicly available. In this article (3) of this text, he states that why you and us for the purpose you send us will be broadcasted. If we share or transfer your personal data to group companies according to this disclosure text, then group companies will only use it for the purpose of related services. In this context, those who need to know your personal data for display of services and exceptions mentioned in the law, will not be able to disclose to third parties.

According to Section 12 of AJVSPOR, KVKK (i) to prevent the illegal operation of your personal data, (ii) to prevent the illegal access of personal data, (iii) secure data databases, servers, firewalls (security software) and e-mail information encryption By analyzing the current data and data values ​​and risk conditions, you may find yourself in the light of current technological developments in our information security policies. ્તિગત ડેટાના રક્ષણ સહિત સુરક્ષાત્મક પગલાં લેવાય છે.

AJANSSPOR અને અમે જે કંપનીઓ સાથે સહકાર આપીએ છીએ તે કંપનીઓના સુરક્ષા પગલાં છતાં, અમે એજેન્સએસપીઓઆર અથવા વાસ્તવિક અથવા કાનૂની વ્યક્તિઓ સાથે સહકાર આપીએ છીએ, વેબ સાઇટ્સ પર સાયબર હુમલાઓ અથવા ડેટા નુકસાન, પરિવર્તન, કૉપિ, વગેરે જેવા સિસ્ટમોનો સમાવેશ કરીએ છીએ. અમે કોઈપણ સંજોગો માટે જવાબદાર નથી. જો કે, અમે ડેટા પુનઃપ્રાપ્ત કરવા માટે બેકઅપ, આર્કાઇવિંગ અને યોગ્ય સંગ્રહ પદ્ધતિઓનો ઉપયોગ કરી શકીએ છીએ.

સાઇટ અને સભ્યપદ પ્લેટફોર્મ પર ઇન્ટરનેટની ઍક્સેસને લગતા આવશ્યક સુરક્ષા પગલાં (એન્ટિસ્પમ, અનિચ્છનીય ઇમેઇલ અવરોધો, એન્ટીવાયરસ વગેરે) લેવાની તમારી જવાબદારી છે અને આ પગલાં લેવાની નિષ્ફળતા અને / અથવા ઉપેક્ષાને લીધે તમારા ડેટાના કોઈપણ નુકસાન માટે. અનધિકૃત ત્રીજા પક્ષકારો દ્વારા અમારી પાસે પ્રવેશની કોઈ જવાબદારી નથી.

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