Monday , May 29 2023

"Dad, go on the road that will be obvious, so leave Selfie," he died in an accident


Karaman, the relatives near the car parked the road, the car parked on the roadside, hit the trailer filled with sugar beet, mother and daughter died, the driver and aunt were injured. Irem Eski, who died in the accident before her father's trip, "Father goes on the road, we'll be sure, come on, take a suicide," and we learned that we were making family photos.


The accident occurred at 19:00 at the exit of Beydili village. Akçaşehir Karaman city to go to the wedding with relatives of the old administration of the Ufuk UU 3533 plate car, Beydili village is the way to the exit of the road out of the parked carrot loaded trailer.


Health officials, firefighters and gendarmes were referred to the site on the basis of the notification of the area. In the accident, the leader Kadir Eski (23), his mother Ümmügülsum Eski (46), his brother Irem Eski (16) and Cemile Gunarslan (48) were injured.


The wounded Irem Eski died on the scene despite the interventions of doctors. They were injured in the car, the firemen spared interference, the ambulances were taken to the different hospitals of the city. The treatment of the wounded Ummüüllsüm doctors can not be saved despite all the interventions.


Kadir Eski pilot after accident at home after the accident, ambulance father, father, old Selcuk and accident occurred, asked for help, the father also learned that the vehicle went to the accident. Old Selcuk, who went to hospital with his sister-in-law, Cemile Günarsen, was trying to relieve relatives while he was out of the ambulance.


Irem Eski has lost his life to his father's father, Selcuk Eski-ye, before leaving the house: "Dad went out on the road Selkinlarla came to the hospital with his father Seljuk," My daughter was born into my daughter, my daughter, "he recalled that he was making a photo with his daughter.

The investigation is in progress.

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