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Do you keep a long urine or go to a dirty toilet?

The company that was informed of the infection has been chairman of the Society. Dr. Taufan Turnen, "Long time to keep the urine to go to a dirty toilet?" The question was answered.

When referring to the urinary tract infection, firstly we thought that the vapor bleeding known as citis was known to the mind. Dr. Nisotam is characterized by bacterial cystitis, bladder sharpening, pain in the urine, often urine, and sometimes leukemia. The kidney inflammation, known as piellonfrite, emphasized swelling, fever, weakness, and side pain.

In contrast to popular belief, bacteria that urine infections are bacteria that live in our body. Dr. Toucan Torczn gave the following information:
When the natural system or local defense mechanisms become weak, the bowel obesity bacteria can cause urinary pain infections. The disease is more common in women because of the different physical structure of women. Because this is the way to get rid of the geometry through the path of urine.

Keep IDR to enter TOILET

To protect the infectious tract infections, it is important to drink lots of water. Urine color is important for those with repeated urinary infections. People with potential for infections of the urinary tract should pay attention to the fact that urine color is always open.

Urinary tract-tract-infection-shutter

Another mistake is the urine retention of urine. It is believed that people with this problem have been taken from a dirty toilet, but the cells that are responsible for infection are microorganisms in the individual's body, while spending a little time in the urine increases the risk of fibromyalgia. Constipation is another aspect of a risk factor. The problem of constipation in people with frequent hemorrhagic infections may cause the urinary tract to be settled immediately.

The main thing that is protected from the urinary tract infection is cold and cold. Be careful not to allow the cold and wet swimming pool, especially feet. Environmental infections are common in the summer months.


The best way to clean the vital area is to get rid of hot water in hot water rather than scorch hot water. Deletion should be avoided. Do not use soap even if it is not needed.

Is there a link between IDRAD and URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS?

In particular, urinary tract infections require a treatment for urine and fatigue. In practice, it is practically not a natural mistake, especially as a natural result of natural bloating in pregnant women, especially in female patients, by making a big mistake by reducing the amount of water it seeks to deal with their problems. With reduced urine and fluid, the urine is reduced in infection. On the other hand, dermatitis (skin inflammation) occurs when urination occurs when the urtic acidic feature causes urine. It acts as a bacterium for the stomach making it infected with urine. Therefore, do not use any of the designs designed to store urine until it is used.

One solution is not antibiotic!

The urinary tract infection may, however, be a problem for urine due to temporary, urinary or abrupt. Dr. Tufan Tarcan, olan The energy industry is important to understand the cause of the problem. The treatment of various urinary tract infections due to different reasons varies. In particular, this disorder is utilized for the biggest wrong antibiotic used in repeated urethra traumatic infections, the idea that the individual uses the idea of ​​using antibiotics independently without concealing the expert.

Unnecessary or incorrect antibiotics can cause bacterial defenses. And prevents treatment for future use. For this reason, urinary tract infections should be investigated and applied to treatment, as if the problem is not resolved, perhaps, maybe the infections of the urinary tract can be repeated.

Determining the wrong traction infection treatment

If a fever is associated with fever, it is a symptom of pyelonephritis in the kidneys. In these diseases the patient undergoes intravenous fluid and antibiotic applications. In menopausal women, estrogen is low in the hormone. Increased urinary infections due to reduced estrogen hormones. If there is a problem with repeated urinary tract, it will start at menopause and help solve the problem of urinary tract infection with local estrogen. Long-term antimicrobial protection techniques in repeated infectious infections are also successful.

The simple urinary urethritis are family clerics; However, urinary tests should be investigated if the urinary tract infection continues or the fever is affected. In particular, repeated urinary infections, seriously impairment of the standard of living of one person, lead to long-lasting effects, especially adult ones who can seriously threaten health.

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