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Early Bird 22. New Episode Trailer Preview Released! New Crisis! (Watch Early Bird Bird 21 Final episode)

Early Bird 22 Section Trailer | Preview released. Early Bird 21. In the last section; Sunam does not live under Kane's gesture and produces special scent. Can be captivated. Emre is still looking for something. After losing the campaign information from the agent, very important information is reached. Sneham thinks that Emre has something to do with him. Canora also opens his mind. Early Bird 22. Our news preview of new episode trailer. Here's a link to what's going on in the last part and following chapter 21

Early bird starred on TV on this evening with the 21st episode. In the last section; A new hurricane between Can and Amre? The missing campaign information from Agent is believed to have been stolen by a secret camera placed in the agency. The hidden camera, which is described in the Snow Globe, is the last person to see, Emre. You can learn from the Sonam watching the Sonam. What was the last episode in the last episode of the cast? Early Bird 22. Which answers are answered in the new section trailer?

What was the last chapter of ERKENCİ Bird?

Can you please, if you want to drown, then you can not listen to anyone. After signing the song, she also tears the sheet of paper. Snail is starting to create a new fragrance.

Opening throw-new episode- fragmani

Can Sell a Home

Daren says the position of the company is not heartbreaking. She says she is selling her home, and she says she will take care of Darren. The snail comes. Darren gives a familiar look again. You can go to the river, Sneham is an amazing actress. Snail can give her a gift. Life reminds me of the night that kisses me. Snake is preparing a special scent for cans. This fragrance is prepared by a special flower. Sonam makes a scent on her wrist and touches her neck. With the arrival of the Sea Army, the scene of romance broke. Can read the note of the surname. Their love is sealed once more.

See the latest section of ERKENCİ BIRD

Agent seeks sinks

They search for campaign information with Ken. Security officials say that Elaine was there. But when Eline arrived, he could not steal his campaign information because the team was in camp. So they suspect a mole. C will throw us in jeopardy. And Se Sai solved this incident. He says that a mole can put cameras in the agency. Everyone starts searching for the camera. The Ken Room is the most important place. Everyone is looking in the room. Snam missing snow globe notice Remembers Snem by seeing the missing glacial globe in Amere.

Early bird fragmani

Imor on a workshop

I remember that when he was at home speaking with a Globe globe at home, his brother said, 'Do not leave me.' Elin is in search of Imran. She is mad on her to see them. He expressed his desire or waiting to see that he was trying to earn his brother's faith.

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