Friday , January 27 2023

Early bird came to the decision to impress whole curriculum from head to toe!


Reaching a wide range of fans and broadcasting every week in the high-profile views of the television series, which is often called the Early Bird, which was again decided again to change the screenwriter. As it is known, the early bird production, which deals with the chain of events like the romantic comedy experienced by Snake and Ken, and the audience who looks with excitement and curiosity without leaving a moment at the beginning of the screen, they will continue their adventure even in the summer season. In addition to this, the audience received remarkable appreciation and comments on the social media platform and each time support messages are collected which will not take the final result of the initial watch series of the next watch, the new name will be announced.

Standing flag of Elena Fox rebel! She responded to her fans …

Demat Akalin and Elisandan both great support for LJS Champion twins!

Directed by Farooq Turgut's production and early bird series Kagri Barak's new screenwriter. The new name, which will take on the early bird series screenplay, which were taken on the evening of every Tuesday on the Star TV screens with the difference of gold film, which was declared as Fayei Contarki and Segun Delibas.

Early Bird

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