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With the dismissal of former President Murat Tatinkaya in the Central Bank, the new design began from the inside out. In about a month, the center underwent another change. Chief Economist Assoc. At least 9 general managers, including Dr Ali Hakan Kara, were fired. Economists, on the other hand, talk about general managers' past experiences and point out that this is a big loss.

Decision News

The president of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) continues to change after the dismissal. Murat al-Sal was appointed to replace Sutinkaya, who was fired by a decree signed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. At the first monetary policy meeting, Murat Uysal discounted 425 basis points and signaled the future. In the past, some economists and some CBRT bureaucrats were fired. According to Bloomberg, nine senior bureaucrats, including CBRT chief economist Hakan Kara, were fired. News from the WW Agency, "former President Murat Sitinkaya" and, later, Central Bank (MB) in administrative units, was fired almost immediately after the earthquake. All the general managers of the bank, who directed the bank's financial policies and acted as a brain team, were fired by the bank's assembly, while many deputy general managers and managers were hired as experts. According to the World Report, instead of the General Director of Research and Monetary Policy, Panera 1 Zly. .I was replaced by deputy general manager of deputy development and public finance rather than replaced by replacement. Suraiya joined the Central Bank in December 2001 as a researcher. Yves Yetter, general manager of banking and financial institutions, has been in the bank since 1980. Ali Çufadar was replaced. Ad Fafadar, who is the general manager of banking and financial institutions, was the general manager of Of Pensions. The new general director of the Ankara branch, Ope-rations, was promoted to Yusuf Bora, Ali's new position. When he was assistant general manager of communications and foreign relations, he was appointed manager of the Ankara branch. Kets Rahan Kandar, general manager of markets, was named Doruk Kokesara. Mr. Kaksar-3 also served as Assistant General Minister for Market Analysis at the same head office. In addition, Mehmet Zahit Aate was appointed as the General Manager of Information Technology, and AIT was appointed as the IT Auditor when he was appointed as the Assistant General Manager for Application Development and Management in the General Directorate of Information Technologies. Chief Economist Assoc. Dr. Hakan Kara was not appointed. The decision taken by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey will be effective from 9th August.

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'Money policy cannot be used'

Professor of Economics at Bilkent University. Refit Garkyanak said in his comment from Twitter: orum I know many central bankers that we have learned from their dismissal. In this regime, even though these words do not go very far in our understanding of the world, economists are everywhere worthwhile. Even if the central bank wants to make monetary policy, it will not work. In addition to being a member of the Monetary Policy Committee at the Central Bank with political appointees, the dismissal of civil servants from special positions will not only leave more false monetary policy, but will leave no one to tell the truth. "

'Lost corporate memory'

London-based blueberry asset management strategist Timothy Ash described Hakan Kara as the backbone of the center, saying the departure of an experienced economist would be a big loss and said, indeed, that it is difficult to understand .. He said that the name of foreign investors who have visited the Central Bank in the last 20 years. Most found. Click & # 39; & # 39; Really disappointment. He was a very good economist and a decent man. Some commented that Kara's loss was more than Setinkaya's dismissal. I couldn't have joined more. I think this institutional memory will be lost when investors look at the Central Bank in the coming decades. "

Masak chairman has been offered

Usman Darrelli, who heads the Financial Crimes Investigation Board (Masak), was also fired when the central bank and the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance made changes. Darrell is expected to be appointed by the Treasury and Finance Ministry instead. Heretin Kurt, the General Counsel for the General Counseling and Procedure, will be appointed to this position. Darrell began working as an Assistant Accountant in the Ministry of Finance in 1997. Between 2008 and 2012, he served as head of the group in the Revenue Administration. Darrelli has been Vice President of Public Oversight Accounting and Eating Determining Standards Authority Thorties since September 25, 2012. Darrelli became president of Masak in March 2016.

Humans will tell the truth Didn't & # 39; t

Economic author Uur Gorsh dismissed the dismissal in his remarks on DW Turkish as 'air shearing'. Garcે, the general manager of General Pensions, who said that ad fadar and general manager of markets, Kander, entered the bank in 1988, grew up from the central banker's nucleus. I see it as a change of horse in a stream like a horse in an emergency. That is no wisdom. Central banking is being carved here. "Economist Mahfie Elmez said," Marquez Central Bank cannot be independent in a society that indexes CBRT dismissal as a citizen that affects exchange rates ". The economist Eric Meyersson also experienced disaster as described and added:". It is not only a concern that anyone living the truth about the state of Turkey's economy is not a major human resource loss for the Central Bank "

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