Monday , January 18 2021

Errol Balut: I did not understand what happened with Slim

Former Fenerbahce player Ayrol Boult is currently running Ikur Yeni Malatiaspor. Young technician Fenerbah made significant explanations

I am offline in Fanbah's position

There was no wrong decision to bring Kongo or other foreign technical person to the windpipe. And if I had gone to Italy today, I would not make it. I think there is a problem. When I look at Farnabeji I'm sorry. This should not be the case. He is a new president. Ali Kok wants to do nice things. But some decisions have been withdrawn. She came to Comolli, the director is seen very different in sport but in Turkey. It is widely used in Europe. For example, Leverkusen Rudy Waller's game director … The director of the football team's game is a European club. And not only do not take the footballer to the tasks.

What was that Islamic Slam?
I believe the fanbah improves. Irson's game of football is certain in the football style. It will add to the team of players. It can not be worse than that! Islam Slimini is my favorite actor. Along with Gillas in the Algerian national team, they had a mess. I can not understand why you are.

Robinho transports a message

Everyone in the league talks about 3 Great bad situations. But the situation is just the opposite … Anatolian teams are moving forward. 3 Seniors have 90 million Euros. My team only costs 8.5 million euros.

Başakşehir Robinho's transfer is a clear message for other teams. He says to everyone, & # 39; I want to be a champion. & # 39; Başakşehir is a team that should be champions when they look at the ranks.
Based on Infrastructure Infrastructure … In Germany, investments in infrastructure such as 10 million euros are invested in Germany. We do not have $ 1 million. Then why do not the player see?

I'm calling a 21-player. She does not know about the world as a trick. Turkey is not this problem.

The big teams play football football and play football. Our teams have been packed in Europe because they can not play this. We are not good like tricks.

Bootyb is a very important player for every team. We sell well, but sorry it's gone. His contribution to team defense was very big. Everyone in the world now likes these players. Ronaldo also comes in defense of chasing a man. Why do not our people come from?

Come to us

Our team is not defensive. The top 5 goals were recorded, but no one speaks.


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