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Ethereum technical analysis, what are we waiting for this week? – New Bitcoin News – Analysis

Ethereum was $ 212 a week. Ethereum, a company with a stake in hard selling, was $ 171 a week. In the week ending week, it fell to $ 17.5. With this loss, lost three points in the market rank. Explore the technology developments per week.

Eerto, which has entered the market in the first two days of the week, has come down to a decline in the Bitcoin market. L1 Rising trend and lower horizontal support zone $ 190 The level is broken. Continuous sales on Thursday $ 171 ETH, fall $ 165 Level $ 6 Is close. With these purchases $ 190 Let's see how the status is checked. $ 190 The prices of Friday and Saturdays and the price of newspapers have also fallen. On Sunday, we see increases in purchases and a small recovery. If we look at the volumes, we can disassociate ourselves from the hierarchical volumes. Last week at ETH / BTC 4 The trend of this week's trend could not be broken due to the loss of Bitcoins. Therefore, depreciation in dollar terms was higher than bitcoin. As a result of these developments, let us review it.

Ethereum L2 ($ 190)L3 ($ 261) Banding. But the sale comes this week L2 ($ 190) Let's say middle-class support has changed. Depending on the price level, the bottom band must be followed $ 165 The floor L2 ($ 190) Level. The sales pressure continues $ 165 If the floor is leveled L1 ($ 135) Risk. In the current situation, the recovery of the short term market L2 ($ 190) I think the quality may be high. L2 ($ 190) Switching to the ground will reduce the pressure of the ERA, but I do not think it will be possible for a short period of time. When we look at Ethereum's volume graph, the incoming cellphones are identified with high volume. I think this situation will create a negative image for Ethiopic negative. We look at Ethereum's graphic from BTS; Currently 4 This is the main reason why we lost second place. The FIG 4 I think it's above a one-trend trend.

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