Thursday , June 8 2023

Experts inform children of cold water


Ibrahim Yaman begins because of the specialist cold cold and nose of the throat. This is an epidemic of viral infection. Children are particularly warned by Yemen, and most children have an average 6-8 times a year, and adults 2-3 times a year. Children looking at the first 3 years of age and more, home suksikkunnatinekkal cool kids in the house, the emphasis of Yemen, "the cold is a viral disease resistance is directly connected to the front of the nasal discharge and nasal. Vasantakalattinre is up to the end from the beginning, the majority of them saratkalattinre all kalannalilum jaladeasannal view. Children c Better to be 6-8 times per year omissions in Japan. The adults are 2-3 times the colds a year. Rineaviras maintains direct contact with, finish on your phone, prakasakirikaranattilum, left srretaskeappilum hours. The shape of this gatagatattiluteyan myukkasayute eye, sneezing and find rineaviras used to talk to the forelimbs, "adda He said.

"Avoid Antibiotics"

The patient also warned about the patient's clinical findings. After 1-3 days after the illness, the yumene begins after thirum is 30 per cent and the common cold lasts up to 1 week. Antibiotics should be avoided in common cold drinking. There is no special virus drug treatment. Antibiotics may not have an effect on cold drinking. The fever is not normal. No need to reduce fever. Nasal discharge, congestion and anne can be used as medicines. Honey Vitamin C is beneficial in coughing, hot and humid air. There is no effect on the results of zinc and ginger plants. This disease does not have vaccinations, "he said.

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