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Explained by China for expected iPhone prices

China's new iPhone models deal, prices have been claimed as tensions between China and the United States increased. We have a new revelation.

Famous for Apple Pulse analysis, Ming-Chi Kuo made statements about the potential impact of Apple Pal's tension between the US and China on Apple iPhone's new iPhone prices. Ming-Chi Kuo said that the U.S. Considering the potential costs of the company's supply chain of Apple Pulse and the recently implemented custom duties, costs may face an uptick, and this increase will not be reflected on the end customer, at least in the short term.

In addition, Kuo said that Apple Pull will increase its production outside China and thus the U.S. Will be fully protected from custom duty.


According to new reports, US President Donald Trump is imposing a 10% custom duty on certain new Chinese goods, totaling $ 300 billion. Apple has previously said that such laws could increase the prices of products in the future. So the company’s stock has dropped 2%.

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According to Kuo, Apple will be able to stay on top of the issue with its large market share and automated production systems in the USA. The company's manufacturing facilities in Vietnam and India will also meet demand.

Apple Mac

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It is difficult to argue that a similar situation applies in the category M. US Production to meet demand for Mac devices from China will not be completed outside China by 2021. The AirPod and Apple Pulwatch devices will be manufactured outside China.

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