Friday , January 22 2021

Fire in the corm! Dead and wounded …

According to the information obtained from the site of Dushun Budak Bashard's house, the fire broke out due to the charges of the stove. Soon the rising flames took the whole house. Burqa saw the smoke rising from his house and called the leaders and asked for help. A large number of firefighters, health officials and gangomeri teams were sent on the scene of the fire and on this incident on the Uguruld Islikip municipality.

Dursun Bukkuk and his wife Nuran Budad (35), who were in a jar during a fire and when they saw the fire, ran to their house, they were his mother, Donna and his son M. To save her she was drowned in the flame, who was trapped inside. The elderly couple could not save the young child who saved the elderly woman. His mother, father and grandmother were injured.

After the first intervention in the Ugarumaludad State Hospital, the injured people were taken to the Errol Olscock Education and Research Hospital.

Dursun Boodak was sent to Ankara. It was known that Nuran Budad, who was treated in coir, was pregnant.

The investigation is ongoing.

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