Tuesday , August 3 2021

Frequent headaches – Health and nutrition news

Ears, nose and throat disease specialist esoac Dr. Yevus Selim Yildirim, "Frequent headaches often consider mugren and brain tumors, forgets sinusitis," he said.

Reporting the erosion of eyes around the nose and eyes of the esophagus and the eyes. Dr. Yavaz Selim Yildirim, "sinus irritation as a result of congestion, face and headache in the nose, reducing odor, yellow green green nose, nasal discharge, cough and sperm. Nasal obstruction can not always be. Sometimes the first symptoms appear in the eyes such as Swelling, meningitis, or cerebral spots.

Eso Dr. Yevus Selim Yildirim, Structural causes in the nose, for example, nose nose, large nose of existing flesh, swelling of the nose, bone and skeleton curve, other upper respiratory tract infections of sinusitis, discomfort in the allergic nose, air travel and nasal meat, due to changes in pressure, sinusitis, sinusitis Maybe, "Sinusitis is not due to the quality of life of patients more than blood pressure and diabetes. The bone blocking, headache, the perfection of the face and the sensation of pressure, nasal discharge, cough, sperm, bad breath, veins, fatigue and fatigue. To go out without drying hair or bathing outside, ventilate air to exit outside the body temperature. To cause sinusitis.
The mucous membrane of the head has increased in the mucosa and sinus fluid has increased in sinus fluid, which is trapped in sinus fluid infected with headache, forehead and bilateral temple pain, toothache, palate and nose, nasal pain, plunge and disturbances. He said.

Eso Dr. Yavaz Selim Yildirim, said about the treatment of sinusitis; "Acute sinusitis is considered safe and easily safe with computer-assisted endoscopic sinuses surgery with acute sinusitis treatment.
Life-threatening methods should be avoided while trying to treat sinusitis with alternative therapies. Some methods, which are considered good for public for sinusitis, can make some important results by making Edina in Lornex. Sinocytes are believed to be good, due to side effects herbal remedies can also be hazardous.

Eso Dr. Yavaz Selim Yildirim, what to do to avoid sinusitis, made the following suggestions:

"During acute upper respiratory tract infection, the nose should be open with sea water and spray to prevent nasal and sinus barrier. Coconut allergies should be treated, do not get out of wet hair. Protect your head from the wind."

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