Sunday , September 25 2022

Genetically modified child's claim investigation in China


When the Chinese scientist announced the birth of genetically modified children in the world for the first time, the Beijing administration instructed to open the investigation.

The Government of Guangdong Province, where researchers announced their experiments, was accused of "launching an investigation immediately". In a statement by the National Health Commission in Beijing, the genetic design experiment should be evaluated in the light of law so that the responsibility of law to protect human health is highlighted.

She shared it on YouTube that she had announced that her two daughters were lulu and small and she was "completely healthy". Shenzhen researcher shared the message that girls born by the method of IVF have changed their DNA into a "new and effective" way.

According to Giankii, the manipulation of the fetus by the cryp / cc 9 method will make infants immunize against the HIV virus, which causes AIDS. There is no scientific publication related to the method and no other resources have confirmed this operation.

Chinese scientist said that he was a part of the world of science by the announcement of Gianqiqi or children with genetically-based children.

Peter Dabrock, chairman of the German Ethics Council, spoke of "unnecessary experimentation on humans". Dabarkaak, "At this stage, the human should be genetically criticized in the hard language of experiments," he said.

Experiments in China are being criticized. 122 researchers signed the statement that it was said that the adler is directly experimenting with humans, it is called madness 122. It noted that this experiment weakens China's international reputation in the field of science.

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