Friday , January 27 2023

Gold price of 10% of ounce in H1


Due to geopolitical political risks and dollar decrease, gold oz rose by 10 percent in the first half of the year.

US And the tensions between Iran, the European Central Bank (ECB) and the US Federal Reserve (FED) have reduced the rate of interest and have indicated the price of gold ounce, which receives value due to trade negotiations between China and China, to $ 1,438.80 in May 2013 Has increased since then to the highest level.

Increase in value of gold oz prices for two consecutive months, $ 811 ended with June 8,100% premium. On the basis of gold ons, the investor has earned 10% since the beginning of the year.

Yatrim Financeman Securities Investment consultancy deputy director Tastan said that after the Fed interest rate decision, the gold oz settled more than $ 1,365 and started operating at $ 1,400 and later settled more than $ 1,400 with geopolitical development.

Expressing the increase in ounce strength of expansionist rhetoric from the central banks of developed countries, Tustan said:

In particular, the fact that anticipated reduction of expected rates from the Fed was a major factor in this speed of gold. FOMC member speeches prepared markets to cut interest rates. Reduces US bond yields and the dollar index decreases. "

Short-term $ 1,400 reduction will not be surprising in the next six oz prices, Tatkal said that he does not expect new news flow in US-Iran tension at this moment, but over 1,400 movements of the year will continue in the second half of the year.

GCM Investment Economist Anwar Irkin states that in addition to the Fed's expectations to reduce interest rates, the dynamics of bad tension in the US-Iran relations are supported by gold prices.

Iran and the US Stability is one of the biggest risks in the market to continue the conflict between, said Irke:

"After the Fed meeting, the pressure on the dollar and rising interest rates increase the expected attraction of gold. We are following the US 10-year bond rate for risk assumption. 2% of the balanced interest rates can stimulate negative assumptions in the 2% market movement. Current financial and geographic political development investors can increase gold prices. "

Technically it is important under the level of ounce of $ 1,400, "Precious metals want to create cost-based behaviors in line with the current trend, should continue the syllabus at the respective level. However, with this condition, $ 1.423 and $ 1.429 and $ 1.436 dollars and resistance Theoretical attitude will be monitored. As a trend towards $ 1,456.

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