Wednesday , January 20 2021

Gold prices can break records all the time! – National newspaper

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Starting from the first day of 2018 to 159 pounds Gram gold priceOn 13 August, the highest level of its history reached 280 lira, as the exchange rate against Turkey's Lira increased steadily and benefitted from the value of the dollar. But Gram gold There was not much pressure in the price at this level, and in 2018, the drop in the dollar effect was reached 218 pounds.

In 2018, the gold price of gold was 37.3% of its earnings in 2018, and hence its earnings are bringing in 5 years to one year, which is the biggest benefit of investing in gold since 2002. Anonymous agency (AA) finance analyst Islam Memes, this year's gram Gold priceSaid that new records could increase 290 pounds.

Commenting on this issue, AA finance analyst Islam Memes said that in 2018 the gold price has been laughing by the price of gold falling from 158 to 280 Lira. Memes said that over the last 10 years, more than 400% of the gram gold was provided by investors and said 2019 would be a gold year.

Memes said that in 2019 he had anticipated new records for gram gold and added that gelişmiş is beneficial for creating new heights for both gold and ounce prices. Gold prices may rise due to the US Federal Reserve's interest rate policy, the escape from the shares of developed countries, the negative impact of trade wars and the steady rise in dollar / TL. "Get the description.

"Gram gold can see 290 lira"

Gold price in gold and gold of ounce in 2019 will be supported by AA Finance analyst Islam Memis this year, this year, after passing the resistance of 225-250 and 275 pounds of gold to 290 pounds, it can be said.

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