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Gold Prices: Gram Gold £ 264! How much is a quarter of gold and half of gold?

Citizens who wanted to trade gold before the half-gold festival began investigating six-quarter prices. On the last day of the week, gold prices started to rise; For the quarter, 431 pounds of gold were sold by Republican gold for 1,765 pounds, 24 carat gold bullion prices up 0.84 percent compared to the business of £ 264.7 yesterday.

Gold prices

24K Gold Boolean (GR) 264,90

Republic of Eta Lira 1765,00

22ct Bracelet (Gr.) 245,50

Lira (complete) trinket 1725,00

Half trinket 862,00

Quarter of Trinkets 431,00

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Gold Pricing Matters

It is an investment tool used to produce and invest in gold and also trade in international markets. Factors affecting the price of gold are the factors that affect the supply and demand of gold. This is;

1- Industrial demand, especially for jewelery,

2- Mining companies' gold mining costs,

– The physical political situation of overweight countries in supply and demand of gold,

– Prices for petroleum and other commodities,

Central-central banks' buying and selling of gold,

Central-central banks' monetary policies,

7- Actual interest rate,

8- Inflation rate,

9- The growth rate of the world economy,

10- Hedging transactions of gold producers,

11- Short and long position where gold is traded in futures markets,

12- Speculative transactions,

13- Value of USD in comparison to other currencies.

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