Thursday , September 19 2019
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Goose mountain uprising with Swarkan! Now enough…

Famous artist Tarak rebelled against the cut down trees as a result of his exploration of the Kaz Mountains gold. Sharing the slogan on his social media account, "It's enough. Stop, come to you. Don't betray the land that you and your people have been entrusted with."

Famous artist Tarkan did not remain silent during a raid in the Kaz Mountains in search of gold. Tarakan shared a photo of Kaz Mountains from his social media account, saying that HasanKeifs, Alianois, Black Sea Rivers, are forests that have been sacrificed for rent. Thousands of years old olive trees are cut to cut throat iles of concrete. Dry lakes, polluted, poisoned seas, soil. The jungles of beautiful swan mountains sacrifice for gold. This is the endless ambition of money and power. How can one sell the nature, history and culture of a country in one pen for rent? The situation is the same almost everywhere in the world. Do the officers who reached the polling place do what they want and consider themselves the owners of that country?

"Stop, come yourself"

The famous artist who says YaterInf suffices, “When a citizen tries to defend and defend his land and nature, he also adjusts, defame and threatens the citizen. Enough. Stop, come to you. Do not betray the land assigned to you and the land you represent. Put one hand in your heart and now your end .Listen. Now put an end to this massacre of nature for rent. Total

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