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He lost 40 pounds in 6 months, his mother had trouble finding him

Healthy problems are lost in 6 months due to health problems due to heavy weight in the sugarcane Irenler district due to experiencing tube stomach surgery to determine the 55-year-old Ismail intensive.

In the city of Ereneller started working experience of health problems due to its working in a milk producing company. He did not weaken diabetes due to diabetes due to diets being used for diabetes. In 6 months, he reduced his body weight from 132 kg to 93 kg. He has done a successful job in the training and research hospital of Sakya University (SAU). Ismail's sharp shows show that his mother and his mother could not even recognize him, he was very happy with the weight he has given.

According to AA; Ismail is intense, because childhood is a fat person, never less than 100 pounds, he said. Intense, "due to any problem due to physical conditions, a certain age, but diabetes, legs, joint and lower back pain have increased. We have prepared food for a number of times, but no success has succeeded, but after that you get the weight back as usual He said. "He said.

"No more" does not have any body charge? "Can SIS"

Sakarya University Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Medicine, Department of General Surgery Associations. Dr. Cameem told Karam that he heard about the entire stomach surgery, said: "I was administered 2.5 years ago. When I came to surgery I gave 132 kg weight, now I weigh 93 kg, I have lost weight of 40 kg. But then you will have to pay a lot more attention, because if you do not pay attention to what you eat, you can begin to gain weight again. In the first place I started using insulin, I was diagnosed with diabetes, sugar was very high, I had to take insulin 4-5 times a day. Do not lose weight, there is some disadvantage of having fat. You can not wear clothes, you wear clothes No, you can buy what you can find, but you do not like it. Whenever we go to a store, we want to make the product easily. We can wear it easily. Whenever there is a time, there is not a small size? Diyebiliyoruz. We did not get the first opportunity, even if we were wearing what. "

Using cycling in a warm, hot atmosphere, at the moment, he is 5 km daily. On the road, I am very happy on the road. When you move to the waist and feet after the transit, the next 10 steps are intensive, now they live better and better, he said.

"The biggest supporters were partners"

Before and after the operation, both of them often assisted with the help, which is the biggest supportive wife, have received very different responses after weight loss, which says that those with intensity are difficult to identify, "My mother lives abroad After months, they came to Turkey on the street, I did not recognize when I first saw it. Later my voice recognized it listening. I did not recognize anyone like. I looked at the pictures, 'where I come from.' I say because there are clear differences, my photos are side by side, people who know, & # 39; How much weight have you lost? They're showing photos, everyone is surprised, 'he said.

Ismail is intensive, the advice below, "If you choose a doctor, you will be very good, if you have experienced this issue, then you are getting high success. The first stage was very painful, the fact is that the doctors whom I do not have much experience in the operation. I recommend that the doctor should experience this case, if he is as young as possible, then he will do this. So let his doctors find good, fat. And do not usually lose weight to get this surgery.

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